hostile cm?
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Helayna - August 27

I took clomid and I know it can cause hostile cervical mucos, but what is that, and how do I know if I have it? Just curious!! :)
Thanks, Helayna


Jen - August 29

Helayna, This is the way that I understand it. As a woman approaches ovulation, her body creates a slippery, egg-white like cervical mucous to help the sperm navigate to reach the egg. Usually good quality cm is stretchy between your fingers and clear. Cm has been a great indicator of my most fertile time because it's really obvious. Unfortunately, I have begun taking Clomid this month. So far I have not had any quality cm. Instead the cm is sticky or non-existent (hostile). I have been charting my temps and cm for about 1 year, so this is what I have learned. I recommend the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" because it explains a lot of these topics more in depth. Hope this info helps. Good luck on Clomid!


KellyN - August 30

Hey Jen! Yes, that happens to me too taking clomid. Its not that its 'poisonous' or anything, just dry.



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