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Ashley - November 18

my dh and i have been ttc for 10 months now. my best friend came to the doctor with me last week when i found out i had to start taking clomid. yesterday, she found out she was pregnant...it is hard to be happy for her. am i a horrible person?


pink - November 18

ashly you are not horrible person , i find it normal , my sisterinlaw was pg last year and that was pain full to me as well , is not that we are not happy for them just is hard to undrestand why them and not us !


kate - November 18

I know exactly how you feel my best friend got pg not too long ago. We had been trying for along time and it was their first month to try. I was devastated(?) But as time went by and i got use to it, it became alot easier for me to be happy for her. I think its just the shock at first that its them and not you. It will get better i promise.


Vanna - November 18

Ashley, once the hurt subsides, you'll be able to feel happy for her. I just found out on Sunday that my best friend was pregnant after 1 month TTC. I was happy for her but as soon as we said our goodbye's I was in tears. It's hard for those of us who try so hard - I am a firm believer that we'll get pregnant when the time is right, as hard as that is to deal with. You are not a horrible person at all.


Ashley - November 20

i dont feel as horrible about it today...i guess it was just a combo of things that were bothering me like they were not really "trying" at all...thanks for all your support girls!


Jenny - November 21

Ashley, I have been going through the same thing with my best friend. We've been friends literally since I was born and we've been through everything together and now...we have been ttc and she got pg in May (after bding with her hubby ONCE that month - according to her) and my dh and I have been ttc for 10mos and nothing is happening. She is due in February on my birthday...which I am happy about, but at the same time - I hate to see her pg and I am having so much trouble. I feel awful, but I can't help it...why her and not me??!!! I won't even tell her that we are trying...and I don't hide anything from her.


sam - November 25

ashley, i feel the same. I have friends, cousins etc who all seem to be getting preg without even trying. I cant help but be sooooo jealous. When they talk about their pregnancies etc I find my blood boiling and want to tell them to shut up. I know its nasty but I cant help it. Its my own feelings of helplessness and frustration that are doing it - so you are not alone in how you feel


babygirl - November 26

Ashley,I know exactly how you feel i have 4 pg friends.Its killing me!Hang in there--baby dust to you and all----


Harley - November 26

I'm in the same boat as well. My in laws can't understand why we don't want to join in with the big christmas festivities this year, maybe it has something to do with 8 of the women in the family either pregnant or just had babies, maybe it could be the fact that christmas day is our 2nd ttc anniversary (i went off the pill xmas 2 years ago) or then again it maybe the fact that the baby we lost in June was due 12/26. I know they don't mean to be so dismissive but none of them have gone throught it so I guess they just can't understand the pain. Hang in there.


wondering - November 26

no your not a bad person at all..i think we all go thro the same thing..since ive graduated high school a few years back, i see people to this day that are pregant, and you wonder "dang i thought for sure that i would of had a kid before her" but im not susposed to be like that..everything happens for a reason..i just wanted to say your not the only person going throu that same situation..i wish you the best of luck and keep your head up!!! GOOD LUCK!


Ashley - November 26

today at work i found out another girl in the office was pregnant! everyone knows how hard my dh and i have been trying and kept telling me, "dont worry, it comes in threes, your next!" this sucks!


bj - November 28

Hey Ashley, I'm right there with all of you. I found out last month that my sister in law is pregnant. we've been trying for 3 years now, so it was really hard to hear. I haven't seen her yet, and I am dreading it. Will be praying for you. Hang in there!


dee - November 29

i totally understand where you're coming from...you're not a horrible person...you're just frustrated and dissapointed (like the rest of us in here). i literally dont have one friend anymore that doesn't have a baby or is prego. i feel totally alone when it comes to ttc and the only people i really have to talk to about it is the women in these forums. dh and i have been together for almost 4 years and only used protection the first 1 1/2 we were together and still haven't gotten pg. i haven't started taking any meds yet and i never really wanted to, but now we're starting to look for other methods. i hope the clomid works for you. good luck to you and keep trying...it cant hurt. :o) ***babydust***


bump - December 15




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