Hormones that affect ttc!!!
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annette - July 19

hi.. this is a very complicated sibject i know.. and i seem like one of the few unlucky ones that has problems with almost all my hormones, to get pregnant.

i was diagnosed with pcos 2 years ago. so i was on metformin. my prolactin levels were very high, so i was put on bromocriptine. then again my testosterone level was high, so i couldnt start clomid. that made me go on birth control pills!! that really made it so frustrating, coz iwas ttc, but had to go on the pills coz of my hormones. then my FSH -LH ratio seemed not very satisfying for ttc, and i was overweight too. so now i am on metformin 1500mg. after a couple of months my prolactin and testosterone came to normal. now i am on clomid 100mg .. my 1st cycle failed, though i od on cd 21. i dunno why. all i am concerned is that whether my hormones are playing a dirty trick again... does anyone have any ysimilar experiences?


kim - July 21

Research herbal supplements for infertility.


Khristy - July 27

Hi Annette,
I have the same problem. I have pcos and my ob has me on 2000 mg. of Metformin a day . I just started clomid 50 mg cd3-7 this month and so far I haven't O. This is cd 20 for me. Also my ob had me on hormone pills for 3 months for low thyroid . Now I'm thinking of taking Fertility Blend to boost my hormone levels . Good Luck !



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