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lovemy3 - August 2

Hi there, I am a 37 yr old with 3 children and am ttc #4 without success. With my first 3 kids I had no conception problems. My last child was born 3 years ago. For the past 6 months I have noticed my periods have become MUCH lighter. On day 1 I have very scant bleeding, day 2 regular bleeding but not heavy, then half way through day 3- gone. They are regular at 29 days and have not skipped. I have no cramps at all during periods but do experience quite heavy cramping during what I think is ovulation on day 17 with mucus, although, this as well has decreased over the past 3 months. I am also overweight about 60 lbs and always have been. I am feeling very sad and am fearing this is menopause. Do you think I will be able to concieve this last baby before menopause. my mom was early at age 40 but my granny and aunts have all been around age 50. Any advice is very welcome, thank you so much.


lovemy3 - August 2



mommy2josh - August 2

Lovemy3, did you know that there are over the counter tests (just like pregnancy test) where you pee and they let you know if menapouse in on its way. Also call your doc with your concerns. Do it as soon as possible. Hugs to you, I hope its nothing.


Mega - August 2

Hi lovemy3, I agree with mommy2josh about maybe trying the at home test (good idea mommy!) but definitely call your dr & schedule a FSH test ASAP. The blood test is most reliable, though the pee test may relieve you a bit. Even if the FSH is a bit high there's still hope, but you may need to get more agressive than you've had to in the past. But you really do need to get the FSH tested, that's what tests your egg reserve. I'm not sure the lighter AF necessarily is a sign (although anytime things change with that it's good ask your dr) but the fact that your mom did go thru early menopause is what makes me think you need to get checked out, just so you know what you're dealing with. Good luck on #4! Baby dust!


lovemy3 - August 2

Thank you both for your help. I went into our drugstore and asked for that and that said that they are only in the U.S and not sold in Canada (where I live). I will go to the dr's and ask for that test. If it is higher than it should be can you still get pregnant? Do you have any other tips, like position, vitamins other than materna which i am already taking, or anything that could help? Any and all advice very appreciated, Thanks so much


Mega - August 3

You're welcome! Good, I'm glad you're going to make that appt. for the FSH test, esp. since you're over 35. It depends on how high FSH is, & different drs have different scales for what they think is high FSH, but there are success stories out there of ladies with higher FSH (12 to 15 maybe higher even than that) conceiving, be prepared for the fact that your dr may recommend getting aggressive (injectibles, IUI, IVF whatever). But don't worry yet (easier said than done) your FSH may be okay still. I hope that's the case. I can't think of any supplements off the top of my head, sorry. Keep us posted when you know the results. Good luck!!!


lovemy3 - August 3

Thanks again, What are injectibles, IUI and IVF mean exactly. I'm not sure if we would go that route. If it doesn't happen we may just have to leave it at that. Our desire to have a fourth and final is really strong though. Today I am feeling really down and am kicking myself and thinking this time last year we should have been trying, but last year we were all the more busy with our 3 already we just felt like it was better for us to wait.... never thinking we'd have a problem. Little did we know.



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