hoping no AF on the 1st of Jan 2005
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itsapinupthing - December 19

i just "O" this weekend and we tried real hard.....no i have to play the waiting game....anyone want to join me

I'm 22 and been married for 1yr 8months and first month really trying

thanks all


kc - December 20

I am also not due for af on Jan. 1st. I'll wait with you. I'm 34. Dh and I have been together 15 years married for 10. ttc 2 years with 3 mc for 1st daughter now 5 (her b-day is today). So far we've been ttc 20 months with a mc this past April. So I guess that's the short version of my journey. Lots of baby dust and luck to you.


itsapinupthing - December 20

thank you for responding kc. It's hard not to get your hopes up whne your looking forward to your AF due date and then it shows......I'm having hard time trying not to think about it. The other thing I can stop worring about is leaving work. I do not want to work a full time when we have our babies and living in southern california I just don't know how that will work out, does anyone else liv ein south cali and is a stay at home?


Ashley - December 23

hey all...i O'd on the 21 so i am due around the 3rd of jan...i will wait with you! i hate the wait! i am 24 and ttc my first for 11 months now



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