Hoping hoping hoping
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crystal74 - March 7

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a year now and no luck. I should start my period this friday, st.patricks day. I am hoping that i don't. My breasts are so sore, and i can barely keep my eyes open all week. I get home and all i want to do is sleep. I've been trying to keep up on my workouts but I can barely follow through with it because i am so tired. Plus I've been getting dizzy and light headed all week. Could I be pregnant? am tempted to take a test but am afraid of the disapointment that might come with it. what should I do? any advice?


lea - March 7

it is possible with what you are saying. Wait 14 days past ovulation and test. By then it will be an accurate read out. good luck.


crystal - March 7

that's what i am thinking too. I should start this friday, if i don't then i will take it. luck, i'll need it



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