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Anna - October 5

Made an appointment with dr to find out if pg or not. bloated, bb's seem bigger, signs seem to be there, but hpt says no. af is week away...got to know so I can let go of it or be joyful. *baby dust to everyone* Anyone else waiting?


jun - October 5

**************Anna best wishe to U *********,i hope u will get BFP .... i will keep u in my prayers


hayley - October 5

gud luck Anna i wish you all the best !


Anna - October 6

Saw Dr this morning, got blood drawn...should have answer tomorrow morning. Stick still doesn't turn, but waiting for blood to say. Fingers crossed.


hayley - October 6

my fingers are crossed for you gud luck!


Anna - October 7

Blood test came back negative. Guess thats a bfn.
Well, it's nice to know I can safely drown my sorrows.



to AnnA - October 7

Anna sometimes in blood HCG level is also low ..wait for some time be positive ..i hope u will get good news


sheena - November 22

sorry anna mine was neg too



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