Hope for those with irregular to absent cycles
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MollieJo - May 19

I am 25yrs and never had a normal cycle. In high school I would go months to years between periods. In college, I was on the pill and had cycles then but when I stopped I went right back to not having periods. After I got married and my husband and I were ready to start TTC, my doctor put me on Prometrium to kick start my cycles. That didn't work so next we tried Clomid. I took for 5 cycles and I got an LH surge and my period would come a few weeks after. I had low progesterone (0.8) so he put me on that too. A few months later I had a cyst rupture and learned that my right ovary was 6cm. After that my husband and I looked into adoption. We called our local child and family services and heard about a 2yr boy with cystic fibrosis (a common genetic disorder that is very managable) My sister has the same disorder (and she leads a very normal life) so I was very comfortable with it. We started the process and learned the boy had a sister that would also becoming into the system. She was born in Dec. We did all the training etc and in Jan they came home with us. So now we have a 2 yr boy and 5month old girl. My husband and I were quite happy and even decided that two kids is plenty. It was a big adjustment 0 to 2. We stopped trying and what do you know? I find out in April I'm 6weeks pregnant. I didn't believe it, I had to see the ultrasound before it sunk in. After all that. I did the temping, the journal, clomid, progesterone suppositories. I was obsessed with it. I got pissed off when people told me I was worrying about it too much. I guess they were right. I think it is almost impossible to convince yourself to stop worrying and you either had to get so discouraged you give up or you get distracted by something else (like in my case).


dunne - May 19

Congratulations MollieJo, you and your husband are very special people to adopt a brother and sister and now you have been rewarded with your own biological child also. I wish you all the blessings and best wishes with your new family...Samantha


Brandi-Lynn - May 22

Thank you for the encouragement MollieJo. I too dont get periods and have gone years without seeing one. i am also low in progesterone as well as my FSH. i worry ALOT about not becoming pregnant and i know i need to stop stressing so much about it but its hard when you know your body isnt working properly in order to ovulate and conceive.



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