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tanner789 - February 21

that thread was just getting too long and needed a fresh brd- anyhow when i had my u/s they didnt really tell me how many i had left over but she expected at our dr appt that i would have some leftover and may not be able to go back at it next month. i know on the lil screen they were ten times larger they looked like the size of a cd rather than than a a lil bit bigger than a silver dollar at my previous u/s, they could see one of the follicles where they expected i had ovulated out of, but never gave me a total of how many were there, i think i did say they were measuring at 40mm, they also said it looked like i had some small fresh ones too. its funny though to hear you talk b/c everything you say and wanna do was what i felt last month. i was thinking about giving myself the ovidrel shot too this month just so i ovulated since i would be on no meds, but my hubby asked at the dr appt if we had to take a month off would we conceive from any of those leftovers and she said no it doesnt work that way, that we were safe to try on our own, but i had to hope some meds were still left over in my body which they see in cases like this, and ovulate on my own, and conceive, but of course it would only be one egg releasing(like a normal women has w/ no meds) i'm sorry you had to waste all that money but i guess you could look at it like if you hadnt spent that money and tried on your own, you would always wonder if the injectables would have worked for you-right? you did in fact have a great month on the meds it was just too much and they should ahve started you lower, again i strongly encourage a meeting with your dr, so you can see why she started you off so aggresive your 1st month, why you were cancelled, what can be done next month(if you wanted to proceed) and get all that anger and frustration out. how is your hubby and family feel about all this, the meds and your ttc. i know mine doesnt really understand they try but noone does unless you go through it, they all just think i think about it too much and thats why im not conceiving. this girl at work today told me that the news yesterday had a lady on there that was ttc for 2 yrs tried everything fertility accupunture and herbal meds, and nothin worked so she got hypnotized so her mind wasnt focused on it, and she got preggers the next month, the dr said she was too focused and it was hindering her from conceiving, and that it happens to alot of ladies, the girl at work said i was thinking of you, i was thinking oh please you have no idea what i go through-nobody at work really knows the extentof how i feel they just know i wanna be pregannt. do you think its prossible to think too much and not conceive? well if this month diesnt work for us, were taking a vacattion in april, i need it form everything, i'm feeling a lil depressed/sad lately and i hate it. also i took another test today and the second line was like non existant for the past two days, so i dont know if i should think i ovulated last week when i had a lil bit darker sec line, or i'm just not gonna. i do feel pmssy to so who knows whats happening with my body, i'm going insane.....


cspears99 - February 21

I agree our families try to be support of but nobody understands I think unless they go through it! just like you said. Ya know I don't know if its true if you think to much it doesn't happen and I do hate when people say that, I think it's impossible to do, I had a really good friend Brian and he started dating this crazy bitch who was much younger and he is just the sweetest guy anyway I knew she was going to try and trap him and she did got pregnant with in a couple months and I know she was trying like a mother to get pregnant and I always think of that, another girl that works around the corner she got pregnant and the baby died within hours and she was pregnant agaom a few months later as well and she was trying so hard and it worked I just don't know if I beleive that, and I really hate it when people say that because I think most people are always trying whether they admit or not, am I wrong do you think?? I know I need to talk to the Dr. I am just so upset and mad right now so I think I should wait, I did ask why they did go so high, well asked them if it was because of how high we had to go on the Clomid which we tripled the last cycle and still only had like 4 follicles and he said yes and that they just never know, but it still makes me mad they should always start low, because you can always add more and obviously can't take it away so I don't know. My dh always gets mad at me when I start bringing that up about getting upset with them!! he's like in its the past it pisses me off, he doesn't understand either!! My boobs are so sore again just like last month before my period and my a/f isn't due until the 18th of march so maybe its the drugs?? Oh and top today off one of the girls that works for us brought me a blanket she made that said for Cheryl's baby, I was please don't ever do that it may never happen I know she was trying to be nice, she said I know its going to happen you have to stop thinking about it, god I want to wear a shirt that says "please don't tell me to relax that it's going to happen or I will kill you!!" maybe that will stop them :-) Have you looked into the herbal meds or anything?? I looked online alittle about the acupuncture but I am not sure and don't really know the cost I might look into it, well I have the therapy appt tomorrow so that may help, I actually get anxiety thinking about going but it usually helps, you are keeping me sane so thank you, at least I am not the only one feeling this way unless we are both crazy!! :-) have a good night talk to you soon.


tanner789 - February 21

like i said before i think that therpay idea is wonderful, i wish i had it, you'll have to tell me what you get out of it b/c im sure i need to hear the same things you do. whats i'm a lil confused on is if you had good response with clomid giving you four follicles i'm not understanding why they didnt just stick with that, i've always heard if you produce follicles with that you have to stick with it, but not over 6 monthes, how long were you on each dose and total time with that med. clomid didnt do crap to me, so thats why they moved me onto shots. i think we should defintaely make those shirts it would be a big hit i bet especially on this website, you could probably make millions and easily afford all this crap. i think its sweet that girl made you a blanket, but her comment was all i guess anyone knows what to say to us, people really dont know how to respond, and honestly if i was on the other side i may be saying the same thing, its just dif b/c i know whats involved, -alot! i havent looked into herbal med or accupunture but i would in my opionion look more toward accupunture i've heard great resposnse, dont know how it can help, but who knows chinese people do know how to make babies. well let me know how tommrrow goes with the therapist i'm anxious to hear her/his words of wisdom. take care


cspears99 - February 22

I am more confused too, I am trying to really not think about it, but I really think they screwed up!! My therapist, I hate saying that,:-) her name is Elizabeth, she thinks I should just call them and just say I have some unanswered questions and talk to them again but its not like a reg dr and you can go see them its like 500- for an appt ya know, and to just give them some feed back but I just don't know?? It always helps me to go but always feel a little anxious the next day, today, Well we did the three cycles of the clomid at my obgyn which isn't something they do a lot everything always looked good it just never worked, he told us that really three times should be the limit that if it didn't work after that we should maybe consider something else, so we then went to the fertility place and the odds of the injections just seemed so much better didn't want to waste anymore money on the clomid stuff, and it just felt more professional there, this would have been the first IUI since we had the HSG test so that was another thing I was looking forward to, well today I am still sad but I also feel done I don't know if I want to do anything else, I might next month just test for my ovulation and try on our own, we'll see, so where are you at, how are you feeling?? I would have so much more hope if this worked for you, I can't wait to see how it goes for you this round, have a good day. me


tanner789 - February 23

i had no idea that an ov cost 500 for you, gosh things are so dif in cali, we only pay a 10.00 copay. so your therapist didnt make you feel better i take it? this is all very hard to go through, to bad they didnt have a return policy that if it didnt work you could get your money back . i took another ovulation test today and only one line, i thought for sure it would show something today b/c i was having ovulation like cramps, but nothing, now i'm just holding out for my period. but i had a question when you get your period, dont you count back 14 days and somewhere in that area is when you should have ovulated? if thats true i ovulated somewhere between cd 11-13, so today is cd 18, so i'm sure if i ovulated it was when i was getting those faint second lines. also around cd9-11 i didnt have the ovulation tests yet, so i could have missed detecting too, but we did have sex close by those days so who knows-we have a small chance. but whatever happens i just wanna get back at it. me and my mom went looking at a baby store today it was fun, and she was so excited i cant wait to bring her that joy. also our friends sent us their updated pics of their baby and last night i opened them and hes smiling and happy and i got teary eyed and sad-i want that!!!! guess i cant do anything about it-til next time hope you have a great weekend-any plans?


cspears99 - February 24

You are a lot braver than I am, I can't even go into a baby store, or look online anymore, it makes me to sad, the longer this goes the more I think it may not happen for us. So I am trying to be okay with that. We went to a chinese food place last night and then had a glass a wine it was nice, I am cooking tonight, don't do it often and not so good at it :-) but got a recipe from the Rachel Ray show so we will see how it turns out! What about you, what are you guys doing this weekend?? I am going to go to Vegas in March a few friends are going from Boston to celebrate there 30th bdays I was hoping I couldn't go because we would be pregnant but now I am going to go and get crazy, its about 12 friends of mine from home so it will be fun and they are wild!! so I have that to look forward to, how are you feeling what cycle day are you on? we bd last night but I think we are okay, I know its stupid and if anything happened I would be crazy but could'nt help it!! Well have a good weekend, hope to hear from you soon.


cspears99 - February 24

Well I started bleeding today??? did you have a normal cycle after they canceled you, I think you did, i am not due for my period actually until March 18?? maybe because we had so many follicles they just need to come out?? I don't know my body is a mess!!


tanner789 - February 24

well your not going to believe this but i started bleeding today too, but its not mormal blood like red its like the type of blood you have the very few last days of your period that light brown. i had cramps last night and was crabby yesterday so i thought it was coming but i didnt expect it when i woke up this am, when i went back to slepp i expected to wake up to it being much darker and it hasnt-do you think it could be implantation bleeding? i doubt it. as for your bleeding what cd are you on after my meds i got a period on cd 25, not expecting it either. today would be cd 20 for me i think my body is so messed up too. i was thinking if this is my period then i should be going in on mon to have my cd 3 bw and u/s but now i cant tell what it is to decide. the bleeding for you could actually be form the sex, bc they advised me against sex not only for not conceiving but for the pain and such, are you having anymore pain or heaviness still? i think its great your going in march for your vacation, were planning something in may but the travel agent said i dont think you can fly if you plan on being pregnant so now i dont know, i thought you couldnt fly if it was later in your pregnancy do you know? hope you have a great weekend let me know how your period goes if its the real thing.


cspears99 - February 24

Hey you never know it could be implantaion bleeding for you, they say its usually brownish. I don't have cramps or anything just sore boobs, but its pretty red and I am a little sore from the bd. but I don't know, I started my a/f on the 10th so I am cd15 right now. I think you can fly up until the last few months I guess it depends, my sister in law flew to our wedding for Missouri in Sept and she was almost 7 months I guess its up to your Dr. she also flew to Germany when she was 3 months so I think its okay. I am so tempted to use my injections on my cd3 just to use it up!!! and try on our own but I won't I know that isn't good. I guess the bad thing is I might get my period again right before Vegas. well let me know how it goes for you but you should go for your u/s and b/w on cd3 if you find its really your a/f well you let me know as well. good luck


tanner789 - February 25

well i dont think its af b/c its still very light and only when i wipe. i dont have anymore cramps but i was very crabby today and just cried and upset over lil things, i feel better now. i remember this spotting happened to me last month too. the dr checked me for pregnancy and its was neg, and then 5-6 days later i got my period-so only time will tell, but for now i'm going with it not being my period, so no cd 3 test for me. i cant tell for sure if your bleeding from it being your af or bleeding from having sex yesterday but i would definately call your dr and ask, and no i wouldnt give your self the injections b/c you dont have any monitoring from us or bw and thats too dangerous, but thats your call, b/c you didnt seem to listen about the no sex either and if your only at cd 15 you could be pretty fertile, so who knows you may be getting pregnant after all. if you were much later in your cycle i'd say your safe but thats too close to ovulation time, you didnt take your ovidrel did you? and if your af isnt due til the 18th of march this definately around the time ovulation would occur for you, but the 18th of march puts you at cd 37 do you usually have your period every 37 days? well i hope everything works out


cspears99 - February 25

I was wrong about my count I am every 31 days so not the 18th but the 12th? No I didn't do the Ovidrel shot and I would use the gonal without the monitoring I would be to nervous, I think its just my a/f when we were doing the clomid I would always get my a/f earlier than normal so maybe its just the drugs? I am bleeing a lot now, it stopped for a few hours now its really bleeding, I wasn't nervous about getting pregnant, we have been having unprotected sex for over 7 years now so I don't know why I would think it would happen even now? I am beginning to think it may not happen at all without IVF or something?? I have never bled like this after sex so I don't think it could be that do you really think?? I am thinking maybe going on the pill for a few months then trying again, I know with IVF they put you on the pill for a month so they can shock your body with the drugs, and my sister in law got pregnant first month off the pill after being on it for like 10 years, so maybe that will help a little, just want to try anything at this point!! so where are you guys planning to vacation? should I call my own dr and explain or should I call the fertility place and ask them? are you guys getting snow right now??


tanner789 - February 25

no snow yet but they are expecting it to fall sunday night and be bad but they always say that-so who knows. i have never heard of that about goign on the pill for ivf. if i wanted to do ivf this coming month i could they wouldnt put me on the pill, i tihnk the pill is what screwed me up so i wouldnt suggest that and alot of girl on these brds say the same thing the pill is crazy and if i knew what i i know now i would have never took the pill. i guess you got your period your body may be wacked form that. do you know what cd you were on when they cancelled you, b/c in my opinion you developed such large follies so early in your cycle that this could very well be af. i would contact the fertility dr, not your normal dr. as for our vacation we have called a travel agent and i have to call her back mon she said she has some great deals for us, we mentioned a cruise to her or somewhere by the ocean or mountains, just nothing out of the country unless its a cruise. we are waiting to do our taxes to find out if we can really take one. my hubby bought me a computer for xmas and we have to pay the rest off with some of the money and wouls like to take a trip. but we did turbo tax a few days ago and it said we owed, which we were pissed last yr we got a couple thousand back we never expected we'd owe and cant figure out why so we cancelled the turbo tax and are sending to a lady at hubbies work, hopefully we did something worn b/c if we owe, were up shits creek, but really it would be our luck, nothing ever goes as planned for us. take care let me know what happens when you call the dr-oh yeah and dont forget to mention to them you had sex.


Blakey - February 25

Hi cheryl,
I hope your doing a lot better now, from the last time I spoke to you. I have my beta test tomorrow....I am so scared!! I just hope that the IVF worked this time round!! I always get nervous when I have my beta, because I only want to hear good, positive news, so I am praying that it took this cylce, and am trying to saty positive.

I hope your doing okay, and you aren't as sore as you were a week ago.

With IVF, yes, on my first cycle they did put me on BCPills for about 2 weeks, but I didn't respond well, when it came time for me to be on my stims. The birth control pills supressed me too much, and took forever for my follicles to grow. I only had 5 follicles (they were good sizes)- but not as many as I would have liked.

The next time, (this cycle) my new RE skipped the BCpills, and I was on a small dose of Lupron 2x a day (to stop me from surging to early) and then Gonal-F 2x a day, and I got such a better response. I have herad that he BCPiills is part of the protocol for some women, but agai, each protocol effects everyone differently....hopefully our RE's prescribe the right one!

I know that things were tough for you this cycle,m and again sorry for that....but hang in there...it will happen for you!!!

I will let you know how things go...and I hope your doing better.... THis 2 ww has been so hard~~~ thinking of you, positive thoughts, and encouragement for future, in whatever you decide!!!! :)



cspears99 - February 25

Hi Kim I wish you the best, I can't even imagine how you are feeling I am sure very anxious, so tomorrow is the day you find out if you are pregnant or not?? I am better still sad it depends its different everyday!! but we are done for a while?? Tanner I don't know if its different for all, but when we talked about IVF they said they put everyone on the pill for the first month and all my friends that have done IVF did that so I don't know, now that Kim says it makes things happen different I am not so sure about even considering it, I thought it was all pretty set and either worked or didn't I didn't really know it could also be canceled if things weren't right?? I wonder since I responded to the gonal-f so well they would go with that and no pills, I don't even want to think about that!! I was on cd 9 when they canceled, I am bleeding a ton lots of clots, I will call them in the morning, I am just afraid they will want to see me and just the office visit is 125- if they do u/s its 650- so I just don't want to give them anymore money, I know my health is important but I don't know, I may also call my dr tomorrow and see what they say? Well KIM I will be thinking about you tomorrow please let us know what happens, I wish you the best!!!


Blakey - February 25

Hi! Thank you for your well wishes. Yes, tomorrow I will find out!! It is going to be a long day, because after every cycle, when I have my beta test, I always have my team nurse, leave a message for me on my home voicemail, and my husband and I make a promise, to wait till we're both at home and we will listen to the messages together....Makes for a wicked long day, but we both want to be together when we here the news, whatever it may be.

I wish you the best too. I am sorry for everything that your feeling, it's a lot of emotions...and not knowing what to do etc... It will help you to talk with your Dr. about everything. I know sometimes, it's so overwhelming....It's good to take a break, sometimes from everything. You had such a tough cycle, and again, I am so sorry, for what you went through. I know things will be better....Good luck!! I will talk to you soon~


tanner789 - February 26

yes cheryl your ivf cycle can be cancelled too, i tried explaining that to you thats why i wont do it either, as for the bc pills maybe my dr just never explained that too me b/c we didnt go that route. i would say your blood sounds liek a full fledge period, i know my period after the shots was terrible very heavy clots and cramping i dont normally have. are you having bad cramps too? my spotting has basically dissapeared almost all the way, but now i'm having cramping so i dont know whats going on, i guess if i get my period in a few days i will know i may have spotting every month before my af comes. my period if i get it again on cd 25 is due march 2, i also looked on askdramy.com they have a fertlity calculator and based on everything if things went right sat would have been my implantation day, and that was the day the spotting started, so now i think i'm starting to get my hopes up, and i dont wanna feel like all those other monthes when i get a bfn, or see af arrive. so only a few more days til i'll know. yes please call your dr, they will ease your mind, and they may wanna see you and examine you, i'd pay the 125.00 for that but if you dont wanna u/s just tell them if they suggest it. i wouldnt see why you would need one. like i keep saying i just think your body was very aggresive with the meds to be sloe to ovulation at cd 9 is pretty early, i would ask about that too, and get everything your wondering out of the way, ask the nurses even thats what they get paid for. as for you kim-keep us posted best of luck hope you and hubby get the message your looking for, i give you props for waiting that long all day. :)


cspears99 - February 26

Tanner I can imagine how you feel, can you figure out if it has been 2 weeks since you had sex, up to the day of the implantation which would have been yesterday because you could take a test if its been 2 weeks since you the day it could have happened, I would get excited too, let me know what happens, I have absolutely no cramps at all, but lots of bleeding and blood clots, I hope it doesn't last really long?? I will call them in the morning though and see what they say?? talk to you soon.



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