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Marie - January 10

This may be a little long....
I'm 19 years old & we have been TTC for 6 months. Strangely, we haven't been the least bit successful. Last year I had gone to my OBGYN because I had stopped getting periods for 5 months. He said it was because my body stoppe producing progestren & he put me on BC to regulate my period. Shortly after, I had to be rushed to the ER because the patch cause me to have a massive migraine & vomit. I stopped use after that. So my 1st question is...do you think the progestren problem could be a reason behind my not being able to get pregnant?
2nd of all, seeing as I am only 19, although I WANT to talk to my doctor about infertility & how I have not been able to get pregnant, I am apprehensive because I'm afraid of being judged. I know being a young parent is frowned upon & I don't want my OBGYN to think I'm being stupid. Is there an easy way to approach this with my doctor??


Tracy - January 10

First of all, did the doctor take blood at a specific time of the month to see if you are producing progesterone? Secondly, I am so against the BCpatch it's not even funny. I was a part of the research study done on it like7 years ago and I bled for a month straight, I had to quit the study. If you are seriously seeking help to have a child, go to another OB GYN, and if they suggest the same thing (after they have done blood work) then tell them to give you a pill not a patch. I know many women who had to take the pill for a little while (6 months) to regulate their periods before starting trying to conceive. There are a lot of things they can do these days to help you, it's just a matter of finding the right person. The best way to approach a doctor with this at your age is to bring your significant other with you on the first visit and be honest and straight forward with him/her. That is a doctor, not a judge. It is not up to them whether you have a child or not, they are not your parent! Remember that.


Tracy - January 10

The reason I say to bring your boyfriend with you to the doc is so they will take you seriously. It is at that point that they will realize that if you are trying to conceive, you are in it together, and not just some young girl trapping a guy into a relationship or kids.


JenG - January 10

Hi Marie, are your periods coming more now? If so, what is the average? When I begin to question after a few months of trying why we were not successful, I begin tracking my temperature (Basal Body Temperature) to see 1) when I ovulate, 2) to see how long the second half of my cycle was (progesterone) and 3) to develop enough tracking to go my OBGYN and do something. I believe a great book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility". It is the bible to conceiving! I did take my temp... and then after another few month of temping, BDing and no success, my doctor immediately referred me to a RE to get to the heart of the matter. I am not a classic CD14 ovulation... I was ovulating at CD 19 and only had a luteal phase of 12... It could be timing for you two... If there are problems, your temping will be able to give the DR what they need to act quickly. Hope this helps and Good Luck!!


dont you think - January 11

you should wait a little while before trying to become a mother? you're barely old enough to buy cigarettes and not even old enough to drink. i'm not being negative, but i've had a lot of friends who became young mothers who now regret it because they missed out on being able to have fun w/o worrying about where their kids are going to go for the night and if they're ok and if they packed enough milk and diapers...they say it's not the same because of the constant worry. you are still young...just take it slow. i'm 23 and just starting to ttc and i'm glad i waited because i got to do all of the things i wanted and go everywhere i wanted before settling down and starting a family. i'm not saying this is what you have to do...but atleast you get everything out of your system first. either way-good luck.


Becca - January 11

Marie- I got married at 19 and we don't believe in waiting to TTC for religious reasons but I had the same problem as you so I was not too worried about it because I figured I would get my periods back when the time was right. Well, I wish I would not have waited because now- 4 1/2 years later we are having an awful time TTC because it turns out I have severe PCOS caused in part by insulin resistance (and insulin resistance was messing up all my hormone levels). Since I stopped having my periods I had a weight struggle due to the PCOS and such that took along time to control, I have spent tons of money on fertility treatments and so on. Even if you decide not to focus on TTC I think you should get it looked at because The sooner you can get a grasp on this problem the better. Have your doctor check your hormone levels, insulin levels, and also ask for a beginning of the cycle u/s to check for PCOS like ovaries. It may be insulin resistance and that can be solved by taking metformin if it is not too advanced. I always wonder if I would have looked into this sooner if I would be a mother by now. Also, I was ready to start having kids at your age, well at 20 (I got married a month before turning 20). I was never a drinker or smoker and I had done my fair share of having fun so I was ready and even though I did not really try hard because of my problems those first few years I didn't go out and party much so do not feel like you are not normal because you are ready for a child, if you are truly ready.


anon - January 12

im 19 and pregnant and had been ttc for almost a year before i fell pregnant and i am the most happiest woman in the universe. i can tell you that!!! in my country you can drink at the age of 18!!! just because u started to ttc a bit later, does not mean that everyone should!! i know this is what i want anyway. and i will love my baby more than anythign in the world. just remember its not age that maters, its the maturity level. im engaged, living with my fiance and have everything for our hourse. we are earning a fair bit of money and have 2 cars and are coping just fine with money to spare!!! not saying that people that dont have much cant be good mothers either. becuase you dont need cars and money to give love. im just saying that i am financilly secure and KNOW we can support out baby in every way possible. its not fair to judge someone before you know their story ok. Marie was asking a simple question on how to approach her doctor, NOT asking if shes old enough to drink lol!



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