Homeopath for fertility treatment-success?
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Cleo - January 21

I have heard of a few ladies who have fallne pregnant while using a homeopath for fertility. Have any of the ladies on this site had any success with homeopath treatment? I am planning to go on a programme with a homeopath. The first consultation was quite long and it was larming how many things medically he knew about me without performing the normal tests. I want to give it a go but I am afraid that if I sign on, I might waste / lose another 6-8 months.


godskid - January 5

This is a very old post .. but thought i should bump it up so that other women like me who are ttc gets the benefit of this info.
I did more than 2 years of infertility treatment at various different doctors.I did HSG test , laparoscopy and 5 IUIs in total... nothing seemed to help .me and my husband were categorized as unexplained. After all these treatments , my CM went from scanty to dry . After al these things i went to an acccupuncturist , for help . It had been lot of years since the accupuncurist treated for infertility. She said she ll give me medicine for three months before staring accupuncture. She gave medcine for for me and my husband .the medicine she gave was electro homeopathic medicine. I could feel the differnce from the day i started the medicine.I had CM changes which a normal women shud have. I ovulated around CD24 .. three days of ewcm.I got my positive on 21dpo . cpuldn't belive my eyes .
As i never expected that i am preg, i dint take enough rest and care , and sadly miscarried , very early. But i wanted to pass the info to all ladies to tel that homeopathic medicine helped me .



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