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vicki - February 17

does anyone know if there are any natural "home remedies" for infertility? there are only 3 fertility clinics in oklahoma city so they are expensive. until i get some extra cash i would like to try anything that would help. anyone heard of taking robitussin for fertility enhancement? weird huh? i need some wives tales please! :-) ~vicki


K - February 17

I've heard of taking Robitussin to enhance cervical fluid when you are taking Clomid, which can sometimes dry up your fluid. Have you tried charting your bbt so you know exactly when you are ovulating each month?


vicki - February 17

yeah, i use that fertilityfriend.com. it's weird because i can feel myself ovulating sometimes too. at least thats what i think is going on. it feels like a lot of pressure, kinda painful, and then its like a release. its strange because i can only feel it on my right side which is the side of my appendectomy! sometimes my charts are erratic though. i think it's because sometimes i sleep too late on the weekends. i've head a lot about this clomid, what is it?


Cutie - February 18

I dont really know anything about Robitussin nor Clomid, but I know that Chast berry, Vitex agnus castus, green tea and other herbs can help. Have you ladies heard about OVULEX?
check this site out www.ovulex.com
it sounds nice, but I dont know if its true, does anyone know anything about it?


vicki - February 18

i think i have heard of ovulex. as a matter of fact i think i was on their site and they have stuff for men too! i think the reason i didn't get it was that it was expensive. it may have been something totally different that i was looking at though! one home remedy i know of is massage for endometriosis. (i'm a massage therapist) but i am not certified for that kind of massage so i don't practice it. reflexology might be good if you do some studying up on it. the ovary and fallopian tube areas are on the top and side of your ankles. (ovary-side, f.tube-top) just apply light pressure (accupressure) with your thumb from one side of your ankle across the top to the other side. (on both ankles) also the tip of your big toe is the spot for your pituitary gland (which is the gland for puberty) but if i remember correctly it still produces hormones when you are an adult. this type of massage feels very relaxing when someone else does it for you.~vicki


Cutie - February 25

You can order OVULEX on ebay for half price... Good deal . I am thinking about it!


daisy - February 28

when is hypogonadism massage indicated and when is it not?


Annie - March 1

I just found a product at Whole Foods called "Pregnancy Prep" that has the two main active ingredients in Ovulex (Chaste Tree Berry Extract/Vitex agnus castus and Dong Quai). It was MUCH cheaper than Ovulex - only $15 for 60 capsules. I started taking it today - hope it works!


Annie - March 1

Oops - I meant to put the website information for Pregnancy Prep in my last posting:



Amanda - April 6

How are things coming along with the pills please keep us posted


May - April 7

Hey Cutie (see you a lot on the site, feel like I know ya!) and everyone else. I started taking Ovulex this month and am due to start in about a week. I took two pills a day and drank green tea for about 5 days around ovulation. Who knows if it all really helps, but we have been trying for our second for over a year so I thought I would just try it. I will most definitely keep you all posted!!!!


Purplegirl - December 5

Did any of the suggestions work for Vicki



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