holiday parties???
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beth - December 2

what do you ladies do about holiday parties? i'm finding that its hard watching everyone drink and be merry, while I'm going through my fertility issues. And of course everyone asks why i'm not drinking. I'm leaning towards not going to anymore, but I hate missing out and I feel like my friends (who don't know) are resenting me for not celebrating the holidays with them. What do you think?


Lisa - December 2

The last thing you should do is avoid your friends. Don't miss out. It only makes things worse. Being alone is worse than fertility issues. A glass of wine or two is not going to make a difference. If you are not fine with that, have a glass of sprite no one will know if alcohol is in it or not. This is how I'm handling my infertility. I've tried it your way for awhile, but it only made things worse. Hang in there!


To: Beth - December 2

Hi Beth, I've been ttc for 2 yrs now and I'm at the point where I'm going to enjoy life and have a few drinks from time to time. I don't believe it will effect anything. Life's too short not too enjoy your friends, parties etc..


beth - December 3

ladies...i completely understand what you're saying. but i just had embryos transferred yesterday. i'm on estrogen, because mine is low and so i am extra emotional. we have parties the next few weekends and i just don't know if i'm up to it. i'm certainly not drinking now and some of my friends will bring up pregnancy if i don't drink, which may be the thing to stir up my emotions and have me in tears. i also found out yesterday that one of my good friends is preg. of course, i'm thrilled for her, but to be honest, there is a little bit of me that is so hurt, because i wanted to be pregnant 2 years ago. i'm trying, but its just so hard.


To: Beth - December 3

Oh I see, you didn't mention anything about embryos being transferred in your first comment. Seems like you already made up your mind about going to the parties. Just tell your friends your a bit sick and on antibiotics so you can't drink. That may work. Good luck


Lisa - December 3

Hi Beth. I completely understand, you didn't mention the egg transfer. I hope things turn around for all of us. Baby Dust!


Lori - December 4

Go ahead have a few drinks i promise it want hurt anything>I mean your not pregnant yet.


beth - December 4

I am actually hoping that implantation will happen anyday now, so it's up to fate whether i'm pregnant or not. and i've worked so hard this past year and a half to ruin it with a few drinks. my re says that alcohol can affect your hormone secretions. well, to each her own. thanks for your advice.


lori - December 5

sorry i did not read your other postings about the other things.No i wouldnt drink either


To Beth - December 5

Could you just say you are driving? Being the designated driver is nothing to make fun of. People generally back off when you do. I got through a lot of parties with that.


beth - December 6

Thanks. I'll certainly use that suggestion.



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