high PROLACTIN levels
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Nita_ - December 6

Hi, I was diagnosed with high prolactin levels when we were ttc for our first baby. After taking dostinex for 2 months, I got pregnant! Now we are planning for a 2nd one...my daughter was bf until recently, so couldn't really get pregnant(at least in my case!). Now that she's done, I thought we would try again for another...but my dr said it would take 3 months to get the levels back to 'normal', so they won't test or put me on dostinex again until they test me 3 months later....has anyone else been on dostinex for their 2nd one? If so, how many months was it for you to get the levels down low enough to get pregnant.

And abt the breast size or weight gain, I haven't seen either in my case.


[email protected] - December 7

I finally took my first step to regulating my prolactin levels. Instead of going back to my OB/GYNE, I spoke to another endocronologist & the good part about it is that she has Saturday appt., so I go to see her next Saturday. I mentioned Dostinex to her & she said it is really good. Now for breast milk I know back in the day they use to have something to dry up breast milk but then I know they stopped. Does anyone know of anything now that dries it up?


Apalonia - December 7

I am not sure becasue I never actually had breast milk. I am on only .5mg by th way and I take it once a week. Polly.
Anyone want to start a new more recent thread???


beckyttc#3 - December 9

Wow - am I ever glad I found this section! Here's my story... I have 2 healthy children (have had 3 pregnancies - first ended in m/c at 6 weeks). Recently, my hubbie finally convinced me to try for #3. All three previous pregnancies happened right away, so I thought it would be easy. Went off the Evra patch in August - no period since. Went the to the dr with a lot of pregnancy symptoms this week (including colostrum from my breasts if I squeezed... although on hind sight I think it has always been there since I stopped breastfeeding my youngest daughter). So, pregnancy test was negative, but my prolactin level was 44. He said he was booking me for an MRI (although in Canada this can be a long wait) and told me to look up "pituitary adenoma" . He knows I am a worrier and like to know ALL the info I can! So, of course the first thing I see is a definition calling it a tumour in the brain, causing me to freak out completely. After 2 days of searching the internet as much as I can, I found this site. It seems the consensus is Dostinex is the best? I want to know exactly what to ask for when I see my MD again. Also, I'd like to hear more about any risks to Mom or baby during pregnancy..... I'm wondering if 3 kids just isn't in the cards for us??


beckyttc#3 - December 9

Also - forgot to ask.... does anyone else have the experience of high prolactin coming off the patch? I read years ago it was thought oral contrceptives were linked to this, but now that is not the case. However, the patch is a lot more powerful than b/c pills, so now I'm wondering about a possible link? Before bring on the patch, my cycles were consistently 28-32 days, always regular, which is likely why my first 3 pregnancies were easily achieved.


Sara - December 9

Hi becky, I was diagnosed with elevated prolactin last Feb. It was as high as 36 for me. I didn't have any symptoms except Rt sided headaches. I had an MRI & it showed a microadenoma on my pituitary gland. I started taking Bromocriptine (parlodel) & in 2 weeks it went down to 25. My doctor upped the dose a bit & it went down to 14. The micro (anything under 1cm) adenoma is a benign tumor. It rarely grows & sometimes with meds it can go away. I completely freak out to when I look things up on the internet. I stopped doing that b/c I started getting "white coat syndrome". I began diagnosing myself with everything out there..LOL. I also notices my periods started coming on time again as soon as the levels decreased. I'm currently beginning my 2nd IVF in Jan/08. Good luck to you.


Apalonia - December 9

HI Sara,
I just failed my first IVF. How did you deal with it? I am so devastated. Did you have a 3 day transfer of a 5 day? Polly.


Sara - December 9

Hi Polly, I'm so so sorry sweetie. It is devastating there's no questiion about that. I remember when I got the call...my body went numb when I got the BFN. I couldn't stop crying for days. All I can say is it takes time. Because I told so many people about my IVF...I had so many phone calls the day I got my Beta. I stoppped answering the phone. I felt like I let everyone down. It was so hard to tell everyone b/c I had no doubts the IVF was positive. I remember when the nurse took my blood for the beta, she was calling my DH "daddy". She later apologized for it. That's what sucks about IVF...it isn't guarenteed. Again I'm sorry Polly. I'm hear to talk to anytime. I'm always on this site..& will check up on you. Keep your chin up.....((((BIG HUGS)))))))


beckyttc#3 - December 9

Thanks Sara - I hear you on the "white coat" syndrome! The only confusing thing I seem to keep seeing is the prolactin count and likelihood of a tumour. I had read lots about most people having a count over 100, but on this board there seems to be so many people with lower counts that still have one. Does anyone know of any GOOD websites or other information on the topic?


Sara - December 9

I did a day 3 transfer for my IVF & for my FET a day 5 transfer.


Sara - December 9

I agree with Polly, does anyone want to start the new thread? Call it High Prolactin Levels Part2? or if you can think of something different?


bookie3127 - January 12

i'm so glad i found this web site =) i feel so much better to know i'm not alone. does anyone know of something natural that will fix our problem? no one seems 2 know and i'm sure there is a natural cure for it?


mizgee - January 14

I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor many years ago. Now I am married and want to have children. My doc put me on bromocriptine because he says that is the drug of choice if ttc. My levels are at 97 and aren't going down fast enough. My doc increased my dosage to 5mg daily. He wants to see me after 8 weeks to check on levels. I am 33 and feel like I don't have a lot of time. Me and DH would like to have 2 or 3 children and right now we have none. I am happy that I found this forum because I have been searching for success stories and haven't found many. i would like to hear if people have had success with bromo.


vss - April 27

Hi I had blood work done recently and found elevated prolactin , what to do next any help plz ,Thank you.


Keels - June 18

Hi, im 26years old and from the UK and i have been to my doctors today who has diagnosed me with High Prolactin as my level is 1117 which im unsure if this is worked out different to the US? I have been so tired for a while and plus they have told me it is caused as i am extremely stressed. All thats been going through my head whilst having these tests (as i have irregular periods) will i get pregnant? I have an appointment already booked to see a specialist at the hospital so they can perscribe the appropriate medication also they mentioned i may have to have a MRI and CT to see if i have a pituitory tumor.

I was pregnant when i was 15 but unfortunately had a miscarriage at 5 months. Do you think after i have been treated that i could get pregnant? Me and my partner was just about to start hence why i went to the doctors to get checked out and i found out that my prolactin was too high.

Id appreciate if anyone could help.

Thanks xxx Keels


maggy1974 - September 24

i have just found out i have high prolactin levels, and also need to do further bloods, we too are ttc and this was a result of one of our tests.



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