High progesterone levels
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linds99 - August 10

I've been trying for a year...I'm waiting on a canceled cycle right now because I have two left over follicles that did not release last month. It just sucks, wasting time, until I can start Clomid again. How did you stay sane??? I'm doing my best, but have my days.


Ann1 - August 10

linds, I've had two ultrasounds, and there is only one! My dr said if you are thin you show sooner--I can't quite buy that--I am a little thin, but not that much! I am "old" in the eyes of doctors to be having kids, so I get lots of checks (that is why 2 u/s already). I hope you won't have to go through as much. Since you know what your issue is, you will probably get pg before too long. Did you O on clomid? Does your dh have an issues?


linds99 - August 10

Hey Hopeful, I think you are in a very hard situation with your position as a community midwife. Honestly, when it does happen for you, and you do become pregnant, you may forget all this crappola that we are all going through here and look "forward" not backward...but having to be around it for a job would be stressful...I get irritated seeing pregnant ladies walking to work each morning, so I could never handle being a midwife! But kudos to you.


linds99 - August 10

I apparently am experiencing luteinized unruptured follicle syndrom. All my blood work is normal levels during the follicular phase (FSH, LH, Estradiol, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, oestrogen), and also during my luteal phase....so although they though I was ovulating according to the blood, they did the ultrasound and found I never released the dominat follicles I had last cycle (whcih continued to grow while the corpus luteum spit out progesterone) so now I am waiting for the darn things to dissolve and or pop and go away. My DH doesn't have any issues (it is kind of annoying, but I am relieved at that the most.) They are going to try clomid again with me, but move it up earlier in the cycle this time ( and give me the resistance test too.) How old are you Ann? I am 29. I wish I started all this stuff sooner, even though people tell me I'm young. But at the snail pace I am going (I want four kids) there is no way I think I can have that dream come true. Thank god your doctors are watching you closely, I think that is an added benefit, which eases the mind of doubts and worries.


Ann1 - August 10

You are WAY ahead of me. I am 37 and this is my first pregnancy. You can easily still have 4 kids, if that is what you want. You have plenty of time! I've also read that, once you have your first baby, you are more fertile. I started ttc when I was 34, about 6 months after dh and I got married. We were together almost 5 years before we got married. Sometimes I wished we would've gotten married sooner and started ttc sooner, but it all worked out! I have spent the last 7 years focusing on my career. I am glad I didn't wait too long!! I've heard that not all people respond to the trigger shot. Do they think that may be an issue? Do they have a plan to get your follie to rupture next time?


Tracy88 - August 10

Hey, so here is an update on me. The RE's office called and told me that my progesterone was a 12. That was taken on 6dpo, but I'm not sure that matters. She said they like to see at least a 15, but I'm also not sure she realized that I was unmedicated this cycle. I have read that doc's want to see over a 10 on a natural cycle, so....... I got off the phone with the nurse and just cried. I'm sure this cycle is a bust now. I hate this and this long road just seems to be getting longer. I have an appointment next Thursday to discuss next cycle.


Ann1 - August 11

Tracy, I have always heard 10 as well on an unmedicated cycle. Plus you were 6dpo (not sure how much difference that makes that not exactly 7dpo). Don't be upset--12 is good!!


hopefulnicci - August 11

Congratulations Ann! and also to Tracy 12 is good at least you know you definitly o. My first progesterone level was 2.4!!!! i felt utterly gutted. Hope and pray that it means good things for you. I bought the first reponse tests today, 11dpo and got a BNF. tottally obsessed, still think i'm going crazy, as does DH!


TracyR - August 12

Tracy88... My doctor told me that anything over 10 is a good indicator of ovulation, but that with medication he'd like it closer to 15. So you're doing great! Don't get down! I really can't say much though, I am quite upset... I got my CD24 progesterone test results back today (my first cycle of femara) and my result was 1.4. I did 3 cycles of Clomid as well and the numbers never got above 2.3 on my best month. The doctor had said that this was my last shot until I lose more weight (I've already lost almost 30lbs-but still need to lose more-I am very insulin resistant and am on Metformin 1500mgs). He said that injectibles would only cause me to produce too many follicles. Although he has never once ultrasounded me. I can't help but wonder if all I need is a trigger shot. Oh well... I guess I wait until CD40 and call his office again and see what my new plan of attack is. But seriously Tracy... don't ose hope! I've got my fingers crossed for you!



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