High Progesterone - Am I pregnant?
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Elvee - October 4

I have been on Clomid (on and off) for the last 5 months. With the most recent cycle in which the doctor had increased the dosage, my 20th day Prog test ( this past Fri 9/29) indicates a level of 58

I am very eager to know what this means....could I be pregnant?Can someone help please?


Tracy88 - October 4

Unfortunately progesterone level at day 21 is just an indication of whether you ovulated or not. The good news is you ovulated very well. I had high day 21 progesterone levels when I was on clomid and never ended up getting PG, but on my first cycle of injectables my day 21 level was 28 and I am almost 8 weeks PG with twins! I was bummed because I had higher progesterone levels on clomid, so I was certain the shots did not work, but they had indeed. All you can do is wait and feel good knowing you had a productive ovulation.


Bahootie - October 6

My last month on clomid my progesterone level came back at 121.5 but no pregnancy. Yes I did clarify levels with doctor because they were unusually high. He said that because I had at least 3 eggs drop that all those follices were producing progesterone and that was why my levels were so high. Hopefully this will not be the case with you! Good Luck!.


praying hard - October 6

I have to agree with the others...I was so excited when my doctor told me my preogesterone level was 78 (I'm on clomid too). But, no pregnancy followed. At least you ovulated, and who knows...maybe you are pregnant! Just stay focused on the positive. Good luck to you!



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