High LH But Now Peek for 3 Months
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dzydie1741 - November 15

Hi, I’m 37 years old and have been trying to conceive for 2 years. I have been using a fertility monitor and for the last three months I have had a high LH but no peek. Would anyone know why this is happening?? Could this be a sign of early Menopause??


wow! Sabra - November 16

I am 36 TTC 2 years and using a monitor too! I wonder if you are ovulating? maybe you should see a doc and get some clomid to force ovulation. I think menopause juts stops period.. not sure but your too young for that! come check out the site below please we'd love yo have you
Hi , I would like to invite you to visit our message board. Its small enough to give individual attention to everyone’s post yet big enough to be supportive and informative. I know that TTC is a an exciting and sometimes heartbreaking journey. It’s so much better when you have someone along. Just join in anytime I know you will love it.
when you post be sur to use the refresh button.. you WILL get replies
Email me at [email protected]


dzydie1741 - November 16

Well thank you for your invite. Your are so right. I made an appointment with my Doctor today for the 18th for my yearly and I will talk to him about clomid. Thanks again



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