High FSH levels and not producing enough eggs
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shakila - March 2

hi everybody. just joined. wonderful to learn so much from all of u. im ttc for a year. my doc said i have high fsh and will probably never get preggo. still trying. on ovulex. any idea what i can take to help lower fsh? thanks.


Blakey - March 3

hello, and welcome! what is your FSH?
Mine was 10.8 this cycle I did of IVF/ICSI, and I had my beta test on Monday, Feb. 26- it was positive! My dr. said that was still considered good, and we proceeeded with the cycle. I am 41. I have been TTC for 5 yrs. We have ben with fertility clinci for 2 and 1/2 years. After 4 cycles of IUI, 1 cycle of IVF, I cancelled cycle of IVF, I finally got P, after this past IVF/ICSI cycle, still can not beleive it. So I would encourage you to keep staying positive, and don't give up on your dream. the Doctors will advise you, but they aren't always right in what they think the outcome will be.

I had a former RE (from all of my earlier cycles and my 1st IVF cycle and my cancelled iVF cycle who was ready to tell me she didn't think I should do any more cycle of IVF, with my own eggs, she was ready to talk to me about donor--
Well, she ended up moving to CO, and i was introduced to a new RE, who I liked immediately. She told me right away, she was changing my protocol, she upped my meds, and I was on Gonal-F instead of follisitn...She tweaked my protocol, and I responded great! I had 11 follicles after 8 days of stims. and had 7 eggs retreived. I had 2 available for tranfer, a 7 cell, and an 8 cell, and now I am pregnant! So, alwys know that is you don't feel your Dr. is working with you, to help you achieve what you want, you can always switch Dr.s- because what 1 dr. may prescribe, may be totally different to what another would, or thinks. Good luck to you, and to everyone else!! Positive thoughts...and keep beleiving it will happen!!!!


Diddybubby - March 30

Hi Ladies - I am 36 years young and was told a week ago that my FSH level was around 37.5!!!! Dr basically told me to go to Spain or Russia & try egg donors. Absolutely gutted. This is the first time I know of that FSH level has been checked. Was on Clomid for 5 months without success.



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