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Elyse - January 16

Hi! I was wondering if anyone else out there was 1 of 2 moms. My partner and I have been trying to get pregnant since October. We are only on our 2nd cycle now, though. We had to wait for more sperm from the donor we used to have our first - a daughter named Olivia Grace - she's now 18 months old. I was inseminated yesterday and today. It worked the 1st time for Olivia (OG), so we were VERY spoiled. This has been more difficult. We didn't get pregnant in Oct and now we have to wait 2 weeks for the pregnancy test - TORTURE! I can't say I know how hard it has been for you and your partner - you have gone through so much already. God Bless! I know it is very difficult. The financial end is so hard. My insurance covered everything the 1st time, but this time it has covered NOTHING! Thank God we have a wonderfulgroup of Infertitlity Specialists that give us a good deal b/c we aren't covered. But the sperm is expensive, too!
My advice to you is this - ask your Dr everything that pops into your head. If you are on the medication adn have gone thru so many inseminations, I can't understand why you haven't gotten pregnant. Did they test for everything before they inseminated? Blocked ovaries? Egg quality? Sperm quality and motility? We had problems with the sperm this time - very disheartening! Write me back! Can't wait to chat. And one last thing. Keep faith - it is the only thing that will get you through when it seems there is no hope. It is obvious you want children - you will have them. One way or another - you will be mothers!



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