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Rama - July 25

Hello, I am looking to buy ovulation predictor, I came acroess the product called "OvuTrack". I have following qusetions: 1- How effective is this product? 2- Is ovulation predictor with saliva method is accurate? 3- Is there any other better and cheaper ovulation predictor? Any help is appreciated. Thanks


Nancy - July 25

I'm not so familiar with OvuTrack..also saliva OPK but i think they just work the same as urine.I don't have much info about saliva OPK.What i know are urine OPK's...there are a lot of OPK that you can choose from. Like the clearblue OPK... or if you want a more cheaper OPK maybe you can use test strips they are really cheap. Try to visit some websites like babyhopes.com, babywishes.org and peeonstick.com they offer very cheap opk strips if you want to try urine OPK's but if you prefer a saliva opk. i don't have much info about it.


D - July 26

I tried it and gave up, It didn't seem to be clear enough for me. Of all my friends who have used it, only one liked it and felt it worked. All the rest of us found it more confusing than any OPK we had ever used. It's not that it doesn't work, but none of us could get it to work consistently. You may want to stick to regular OPKs. I would stay away from the cheap ones unless you are really familiar with your cycles. The cheap ones don't always give you a full on positive so you have to know what a positive is for you with them. My test line never gets completely dark but I know what it looks like on my surge and it works for me.



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