Hi..please feel free to ask me anything....
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Emily Frank - February 1

Hi ladies I'm 20 weeks pregnant and I can answer any questions you have. I know alot about everything. Good luck to you all!


gig23 - February 1

hi can you tell me how you got pg.. i'm doing clomid and iui my second time.. been ttc for abotu 14 months now!


Emily Frank - February 1

Hi gig23. Actually, I m/c and then 2 months later we tried and I got pregnant. Come on over to the Baby poops thread and we can chat. You can find it on the signs of pregnancy (am I pregnant) board.


mg - February 1

What were you early signs? And how many dpo were you? I am currently 7-10dpo and everything is different. Normally I have very sore bb from the O to AF, this time I dont, just up by the arm pit area and the top of my chest is a little tender, my nipples are very sore and sensitive. My breasts are VERY swollen, I have had people ask me if I have gain weight or something, becouse they are so swollen. I am very tired and just feel kinda sick and yucky. I am just wondering since I have never had a PMS cycle even close to this.


SashaP - February 1

Emily Frank where is the Baby Poops thread I Iooked for it and couldn't find it. Thanks


Emily Frank - February 1

Go to trying to get pregnant and then go to signs of pregnancy. Baby poops thread is their. Please come find us.


SashaP - February 1

Thanks I found the thread.


Emily Frank - February 1

great Sasha. We have a great group of ladies and you can get some real good support there.



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