hi girls is anybody in the uk?????
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kelly - July 8

thats great news justine congrats i have been trying for 2 half years but no luck hopefully are time will cum soon i wish u all the best


Justine - July 8

Thanks Kelly. Hope you get pregnant soon. I know a couple of people who got pregnant naturally after 2 to 3 years of trying and now have babies so there's hope. In our case the tests showed we couldn't have children without IVF with ICSI. It maybe worth you and your husband going to the doctors to get some tests done - we had to change doctors to get one that would help. Hope you get pregnant naturally though.


hayley - July 11

hi justine,
me and my husband have had sum test done i have pcos and i am not overlating every month im taking clomid but its not working very well, thank for your replies take care



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