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Kelly - July 6

i have heard that when u concive ur bbt goes high....if ones bbt is 36.13 or 36.34 etc etc, then after conciving her bbt would be 36.72 or 36.67.........is thsi happen? PLEASE ANSWER THANKs


kim - July 7

kelly, i don't know for sure what your exact temp would be exactly.... but it would remain elevated for 18+ days after ovulation if you became pregnant. hope this helps!


Joby - July 7

Hi Kelly - are you charting on a website? I am using fertilityfriend.com & finding it really useful. You can compare your cycle to others who use the website - take a look!


MelissaS - July 8

Hi Kelly. Your temp is supposed to rise (above that of your luteal phase temps) when you are pg. However, mine only rose slightly (.2 degrees). Good luck! Joby, there are a couple of us in a buddy group you should check it out.


MelissaS - July 8

Sorry Joby ... that bg is on ff.


joby - July 8

MelissaS - I haven't really looked at the bg on ff that much - which one are you guys in?



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