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sm - August 25

Okay what the hell are preggo cramps supposed to feel like?? I am only 4 or 5 dpo, and I am due for AF on the 5th or 6th of sept.. Also about three days ago I had this weird pressure feeling in my ovary area (maybe ovulation?) Now I have yellowy CM tmi, I know, but can anyone help?


sm - August 25

please read hhhheeeelllpp!!!


D. - August 26

Unfortunately, AF symptoms and pregnancy signs can be very similar. I know that both times I was pg, I cramped just like I did when I was expecting AF. I will say this, both times I had yello CM so that in itself could be a good sign. Do you temp at all? Higher than normal temps MIGHT (and that's a big MIGHT) indicate a pregnancy as well. Wish I had more to offer.


Lena - August 26

For me, pregnancy cramps feel just like af cramps.



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