HGC shot?
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Vanessa - March 3

Can someone exlain this? What is it and how will it take the guess work out of ovulation? I saw that someone said this in the last thread. See, I always seem to O on the weekend, so I have to have all sorts of people who are on call to help me get an IUI. If I could change my cycle to be on a week day this would save me & these people on call a lot of stress. Please tell me how many times you need this shot, side effects, what it actually does and whatever else you can tell me.



J - March 3

the hcg shot is only given once when y ou are ready to ovulate. i believe it induces the ovulation process but only when your body is getting ready on its own.


Amy - March 3

I'm sorry Vanessa..I think I wrote that it took the guess work out of ovulation..but, "J" is right, you have to monitored by a fertility specialist who will do a vaginal u/s to see if your folicles and body are ready for ovulation..As far as the timing..it is great to use when you are doing IUI, because you can time the shot w/ your appointment so that the insemination takes place at the best time! Hope this helps!



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