hey tracy88
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leahb5 - November 25

when you said you spot for 4-5 days before your af was that b4 and after lap? did they say it was normal? and was it fixed at all with meds ? one more question did you spot the month you concieved like everyother mo? the reason why i ask is i have that sort of spotting i had moderate endo removed 9mo ago. my re told me that my hormones where fine and some women just spot and its no prob...what do you think?? thanks so much ! if anyone else reads this and can relate please let me know whats your story!!!


Tracy88 - November 26

The spotting has only occurred for the last few years and I have no idea if it is going to continue because I had my lap in July, did not spot in August, and ended up PG in September. I was also told that the spotting was normal but ended up having the lap, during which the doc found endo, so I won't know if that was the cause or not until after my baby is born and normal periods resume. The month i conceived I did not spot at all but I was on progesterone suppositores from one day past ovulation until week 10 of my pregnancy and progesterone usually stops any spotting.


leahb5 - November 26

thank you so much for responding i really love being able to communicate with someone who shares in the same issues. and i just hope and pray someday soon i'll be in your shoes!!! what preg. test did you use and do you know anything about those aimsticks on the internet....are they accurate? thanks again...how far along are you now? are you starting to show , i think that would just be so much fun!!


Tracy88 - November 26

Leah, you will be in my shoes someday, don't worry. Technology today makes it so rare if a woman can't get PG. Since they've already seen your insides when they removed your endo, they would have noticed if you had serious issues that would prevent you from ever carrying a baby. As far as pregnancy tests are concerned, I trusted First Response and the Clearblue Digital. I honestly don't know much about the accuracy of the aimsticks. I wasn't a huge tester before anyway because I got sick of seeing BFN's very early on! I am 15 weeks tomorrow. I have a growth ultrasound in the morning and I hope all is well. Ironically I have been showing for about a month already. Everyone is so different though because I know people further along than I am who are barely showing. One girl I know is thin and she is 6 months and you would never know she's PG. I have to say actually that the majority of people I know are not showing very much and I am obviously preggo, people notice it and ask when I am due. It's crazy! Pregnancy is a strange thing. It is supposed to be the happiest time in your life, but I'll tell you, between the morning sickness, the headaches, heartburn, and peeing all night it's not so fun. I wouldn't trade it for anything though and I'm not ungrateful at all.



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