hey MEGA !---How are you ?
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patty - February 20

hi mega...just wondering how your surgery went. this is patty (-the girl with the cyst problems)---i have been keeping you in my thoughts since your surgery last friday. please let us knew how it went !!! i hope everything went well..i will keep bumping this post untill you respond !hope we get a a bfp---soon ---- and for all of us !


Mega - February 20

Hi Patty! Thank you! :) What a nice post. The surgery went well, I think. I have to make a follow up appt. with my dr & I'll get the details then but I guess I didn't have endo which is good, & the ovarian drilling wasn't too bad. My ovaries aren't too sore & niether are the incisions. Of course painkillers are a good thing. :) I'm going back on Clomid when I meet with my dr for the post op appt & hopefully that BFP won't be far behind. Thanks for your thoughts & well wishes. How's it going for you?!



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