herpes simplex II
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worried - January 6

i went to my dr recently and she told me that i'm on the borderline for being positive with herpes simplex II. she said if i wanted i could retest to see if it was just from me having herpes I (which i know i'm positive for due to getting cold sores occasionally) or if i really do have herpes II. i have never had a break out of any type in my vaginal area and she said that if you have it that you usually get a break out. i'm 23 and have been ttc for a year and a half with out any luck and was wondering if i really do have it, would it cause me to be infertile? and if so is there any treatment to help me get pregnant? i have been trying to find information concerning this, but all i can find is that you just cant give birth vaginally while having a break out-nothing about whether or not it causes infertility or anything else. has anybody had herpes II or do you have any info regarding it?? please help me understand this disease a little better.


me - January 7

i have it and i concieved and delivered vaginally....i dont think it causes infertility since the outbreaks are on the outside....good luck...



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