Herpes and Male Infertility
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Stephanie - August 12

Hello, My husband and I have been trying to conceive, but with no luck. My hormonal tests came back perfect, but his sperm count was a bit low. I had my ultrasound today, and will await the results next week. My question is does having genital herpes affect sperm count? I have it, and my husband has never had any "symptons". I forgot to ask my doctor on the visit, and I will not be seeing him until next week. If anyone has any input, or is in a similar situation I would love to hear from you.


Been There - August 12

I have Herpes too. No doubt provided by my husband, yet he has no symptoms. I'm trying to get pregnant, but the doctor says that Herpes doesn't have anything to do with my inability to get pregnant right now. I've read up on this over and over again and Herpes has no effect on fertility. You'll just need to have a C-Section when you deliver (and you will deliver). So, you have nothing to worry about except working on TTC.



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