here to answer questions about cb fertility monitor
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Wendi Gayle - December 16

hi ladies first off let me tell ya about me im 25 and have tried to concive for 3yrs i started using the monitor in may of this year well i wanted to share my experiance with the monitor, i had used it for 6 months as of oct and thought this darn thang ain't working (it was showing me ovulating all over the place sometimes cd12 to cd 18 ) and figured i wouldn't try using it agin till january after i had seen my dr well wouldn't ya know it i got preg in oct and saw the babies heart beat at 6 weeks (it was very slow and i was bleeding kinda bad) so they had me come in at 7 weeks for another vaginal scan and my poor little angel's heart had stopped beating so i had a d and c done friday (dec 9) and have to wait it out for 3 good cycles to try agin but let me tell you im gonna go ahead and use the monitor after first aunt flow just to make to im still oing when they told me how far along i was to the very date which let me tell ya the can be off by a few days cause they said on thursday i was exact 6 weeks well there was no bding till that next sat and sun when i oed lol but anyways in trying for 3yrs and to get this far i am over joyed but for my angel not to have made it im heart broken but getting a little better knowing that i must had been for the best and god has his own plans ya know well give me a sec im gonna post agin and tell ya how i finally got pg cause i think i may be on to something if you all have any questions ill be more then happy to help out if i can


Wendi Gayle - December 16

ok ladies this is the only thang i did different in the past three years and the last 6 months on using this monitor

i read back in aug about using a thang called insteads you can find them at cvs or any pharmacy i imagine , it said to use them after bding to keep sperm near the uterous well i thought yeah right cause i had read that it didn't matter if you got up after sex or even if you use a pillow under you bum sperm would go where it needed to go well i had bought them and my hubby laughed at me and said that would never work so i thought ahhh he is right and i put them up well in oct i thought what the heck i have tried everything under the sun and i gave them a go everytime we would bd i would use it and the next mornin take it out and take a shower i used them the days i oed in oct sat and sun and boom it happened so ladies it can't hurt to try right so if anybody has any questions feel free to ask

ps you can look up the instead cup at



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