Here are my symptoms/What are they caused from?
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Lori - December 5

I will be 21 in january husband is 26 and i know that is young to be worried about fertility problems but we both want a baby so badly we have for so long we have been together for 5 years and married for 7 months.We have been ttc for 7 months now and no luck at all.I have been having alot of pain in my pelvic area and lower back for about 2 years now.The doctor thought that i had a kidney infection then we found out it was not that.He thought it was a pelvic infection then we found out it was not that basically he has narrowed it down to endometrious or cysts on my ovaries.I know from ultrasounds i do have cysts on my ovaries but i dont know if thats what all my pain is from.I know there are alot of smart women on here because i read your posts and alot of you know as much as doctors.Here are my symptoms for months now i have had sore lower back,pain in pelvic area,infertility,hurting in ovaries and frequent urination.I need some ones help what do you think?


BernieB - December 5

Lori, I have slight endometrosis and I had to have a laparoscopy (surgery) before it was discovered. There is no way for your doctor to be 100% certain as to what your problem is, without some kind of surgery. I have cramping prior to my period, some back pain, but not frequent urination. I did have frequent urination and other pain when I had urinary tract infections. These occur from not drinking fluid after sex - as you should flush your body with water after sex. I know it is frustrating not knowing what the problem is, but there is only one way to find out - go to a doctor or hospital that will do some investigations (as mentioned - this usually means surgery). My own experience is that it was not painful surgery - it's only a half a day in hospital and the results are usually back to you by the end of the day. I have also had cysts and these were extremely painful as they burst. I believe that your doctor has narrowed it down to endometrosis because this is a problem that would make sense as to why you are not getting pregnant. Don't panic, if you have endometriosis you can get pregnant. I was pregnant but lost the baby (probably due to lack of progesterone).
I suggest you try for another 5 months and see how things go. Then look at how you are feeling before deciding on step 2. Most doctors will not do anything to help with infertililty until you have been trying for at least a year. Only when you are over 35 do they start testing after 6 months of trying. Good luck :)


Lori - December 5

Bernie B Thankyou so much for helping me with my problem.I feel better now just talking to you.How old are you?When a cyst bust what does i feel like does it also hurt in your lower back?I am going to do exactly what you said.Thanks for the advise i needed it.



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