Helpful answers to Clomid questions
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Drew - June 16

Ok, I came across some helpful info for women who have questions about Clomid.....
Clomid suppresses the naturally occuring amount of estrogen, tricking the pituitary into producing more follicle stimulating hormone-fsh, and leutinizing hormone-lh. That then stimulates the ovaries to ripen a follicle, which produces an egg.
Once you are on an effective dose of Clomid you should expect to ovulate 5-8 days after you have taken the last pill. This is only reliable if you know that the dose you are on makes you ovulate. If you do not fall pregnant, you should expect af about 3 weeks after you have taken your last pill.
You should bd every other day after the last pill, continuing one week, or until your basil body temp indicates you have o'd.
The side effects are hostile/dry cervical mucas which a dose of Robitussin may help. Hot flashes, mood swings, headaches, and in some cases slight gi effects may be experienced but should subside once ovulation has occured.
More than half of women on Clomid will get pregnant during their first 3 cycles (if on an effective dose).
Chances of multiple births only increase by 10%.
I hope this can answer some questions for some of you out there! ~~~Baby Dust~~~


kelly - June 16

thanks for the info Drew. I needed that!


Yani - June 17

I am on clomid and forgot to take the last two pills. What should I do in this case? Please advise. Thanks



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