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Help - July 28

I posted this on the other board to but would really like some guidance. Can someone help me straighten all this out? Last month AF came June 6th. I ovulated on June 23rd (used opk) which I figured as CD18. Is that correct? Then AF came again on July 5th. Does that mean a 30 day cycle or 29? When counting your luteal phase do you count the day of ovulation and the day your AF is supposed to come for next cycle or the day after ovulation to the day before your AF is due? If I count the day after ovulation to the day AF is due it is 12 days which is worrisome to me. Isn't it harder to get pregnant and higher risk for miscarriage on a 12 day luteal phase? Just trying to figure out when to expect AF this month, I'm figuring Aug 3rd, seem right?


merlee - July 28

The first day of red blood is the start of your cycle (cd1). If cd 1 was 6/6, and o was 6/23 (cd 18); then cd 1 was 7/5, that would mean LP (cd 19, june 24th -cd 29, july 4th) was 11 days (June has 30 days, right?). You had a 29 day cycle, O'd on cd 18, LP 11 days. They say 12 days LP is okay, but less is not good. You might ask your doctor to test for Luteal phase defect, your prolactin may be high. My LP is always 12 days and no one seems to be concerned except me since we have been trying for almost 3 yrs. now. I have learned a lot about LPD online, just do a search. I have been using vitex for several months to lengthen LP, but it hasn't happened yet. I have read that LPD is one of the easier things to "fix", so you should research it and it should ease you mind some. But ask you doctor to test.



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