Help, Weird Bleeding, Could I Be Pregnant?
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Hoping4BFP - April 3

On cd24 (10 dpo) in March I had slight bleeding/spotting upon wiping, 3 days later (march 31st) I started to have more spotting - which I assumed was my cycle starting over(my cycle starts as a very light flow and then turns into a normal flow(1 tbsp a day) on the 2nd day), but now I am worried that something is wrong - tonight is day3 and my cycle is not going as it usually does - (I have pcos but I do have regular menstrual cycles every month 26-29 days with a normal flow) this has never happened before. My husband thinks I should take a hpt in the morning which I will. I usually get minor premenstrual symptoms a week before my cycle is due but that didnt happen this time.
I am more worried because since cd24 of my last cycle in March I have been getting discomfort on and off on my right side and I keep thinking its my fallopian tube.
Could I possibly be pregnant and still bleed? and if I could be - should I be worried because I am getting discomfort on my right


kelley32 - April 3

I would be concerned, I would do a HPT and call my doc, I am always worried about Ectopic ... a co-worker of my husband just had one last week, and she had bleeding after a +HPT so went to the hospital and they gave her a Beta HCG test and told her that her levels were low but to come back in 2 days. She had another blood test 2 days later and the level had gone up, but not enough, so they did an ultrasound and saw that it was in fact an Ectopic pregnancy, so they gave her an injection to dissolve the embryo ... she"s lucky that she had the bleeding that signaled her to go to the hospital, my doctor told me that you should not bleed during a normal pregnancy. Let us know how things turn out. XXOO


Shauna - April 12

Your two sound nice so pls tell me what BFP is. And secondly I would like to let you know that I too have had strange cycles like you are discribing. I had an ovarian cyst that ruptured and didn;t have to have surgery or anything. I would go to the dr tho and be sure.


kare21162 - April 13

BFP = Big Fat Positive (pregnancy test)



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