Help very concerned in getting Pregnant.
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Ltorres5351 - February 24

I have been trying to get pregnant. It has taken me forever. I have 1 daughter which is 10-yrs-ol, and I had a hard time getting pregnant w/ her.At the time I was only 23, I got Preg, by taking this herbal liquid from the dominican republic which it is used to clean you inside its like a natural drink. I got preg. But now , been trying to get preg for 5 years now. Im having a hard time finding that drink. I have gone to Doctors and they tell me Im fine. My sister in law suggeste dto get a D & C done. She says that you can easily get preg doing that.Also Im experiencing irregular menstruation with odor. Im so scared and worry. I would love to have 1 more child. Any suggestions?


slowpoke01 - February 24

if your menstration is irregular and has odor then i htink that the doc is wrong. there is a reason that your period is irregular. i think that maybe you need to see a re or reproductive endocrinologist. they are like a n ob/gyn only they specialize in reproduction. they are more aggressive than an ob/gyn and they do different testing that most ob/gyns dont do. they will find out if you have pcos, endometriosis, they do tests to make sure your tubes arent blocked, if you are ovulating on your own they give you medicine to induce ovulation. if you are having irregular periods then more than likely you dont ovulate every month. also it is important that you tell the doc that your periods have an odor. you definitely need to see another doctor and if you havent done so you need to see a specialist. i am not sure that they would give you a d&c if it werent necessary. good luck



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