HELP. ttc for 11 months, m/c at 14 weeks, any hope
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molly_masters - November 16

Hi everyone, i just need to vent and ask for any encouraging stories or advice. I am only 24 years old. dec 04 i stopped taking bcp and decide to ttc for the first time. my bf and i love kids and were very excited. i thought that it would be easy, i would ttc one month and in 9 months i would have a baby...i dont know where i ever got this information but i couldnt be further from reality. anyway we ttc for 3 months, by the 4th month i was suspecting that i may be pregnant and i was. my first BFP was in april. i was sooo excited, but then i didnt really feel pregnant and started to worry, i done like a thousand pregnancy test and m,y friends started to think i was crazy for not believeing i was. any way i started to accept it, even though i lost weight and didnt have any symptoms of pregnany. at 14 weeks i was admiitted for bleeding to discover that i m/c around 9 weeks pregnant. after the d&c i was pretty much devestated. never the less we decieded to try again right away. had my first af in july and started ttc right away. then 4 months passed and no pregnant either. the doctor put me on provera to start af, it came and went now i am ttc again. im just really afraid that it wot happen this month. i thought that it should be easy since im only 24 years old. do you think that there is hope for me?? anyone have similar thoughts to share to make waiting easier or want to go through thi together? sorry its so long but i just found this site and really want to vent. OH yeah by the way, my 19 year old cousin just tiold me that shes 2 months pregnant, has no job and doesnt know who the father is!!!!!! this makes me very sad, i just want to scream very loud!! ahhhhhhhhhh


Deb - November 17

Hi Molly~ Well I can relate to you..Im 25 and have been trying for 13 months now. I found out I was pg in June.. I too didnt think I was so I took 4 different then a few weeks later I started bleeding and miscarried. I ovulated for the next 2 months and I just ovulated again in Nov and started charting my hopfully this will help me in conceiving...your not alone with your situation...hang in there!! Baby Dust *


Borah - November 18

Same thing happened to me...started ttc in january 2005. I thought it would be easy. My husband and I were finally ready. We have a beautiful home, successful careers and were ready. We got pg in june and I miscarried july 6th. I still am heartbroken over it. We are ttc again and nothing yet. This situation is changing my life, causing me confusion, depression and anger. I know how you girls feel.


Molly - November 18

Hi Deb and Borah, I am very sorry for your losses, i can relate. I found it very depressing for the first couple months. then i kinda just decide fo focus all of my attention into ttc again, which is not working, its been 5 months since the m/c and no baby belly yet!! i get really upset and discouraged when i see other pregnant people, i dont want to feel this way, i am happy for them but it just hurts so i wish i knew who decides who can have babies easy and who will have to struggle every day with what should come so natural. well im trying to stay positive and be calm this month. today is cd 11 maybe this will be my month....?? hang in there guys **baby dust**


jmr - November 18

have you tried an iui ?


Becca D - November 18

I am sorry to hear about your loss. Yes I have been thru what you have been going thru. I have a 6 year old son, and I got pregnant with him when I was 25 with the help of hormone medication. Well I fell pregnant again in Dec. of 03, miscarried at 6 1/2 weeks. Tried for almost a year and found out I was pregnant in Dec of 04.....that one ended in miscarriage at 10 1/2 weeks. We have been trying since....I have been taking progesterone supplements the latter half of my cycle to help hold a potential pregnancy. Well I found out yesterday I am pregnant.....HCG at 64. I am praying this one will stay.....but just to let you will happen...they say it can take 6 months to a year for a young healthy couple to conceive...I guess they are right on, b/c this time of year seems to be good for that!! :) I'm 31 and fairly healthy...hormones a little out of wack, I have a luteal phase defect, which hasn't helped. Good luck to you and know this site of girls is here to support you and listen to your vents!!!


Deb - November 18

Hey girls..well today is just a reading day on this website. I read on a website that you can us OPK to test so last night I tested one and nothing showed up. The like 2 hours later I went to bed and just had to check it again..and there was 2 I know you are not supposed to read the results after 5 minutes, but I did.. Im not taking anything from it though.. Havent really had any symptoms...I get the usual cramping thing and heart burn.. I just hope my temps stay up above my coverlines-which is 98.0 so far so good, but its only been 4 DPO..So I have a while to go... Well if anyone gives in a tests early, let us know!! I see that people can get a + about 8-12 DPO..I might try it on Monday..who knows...well ladies have a great weekend and keep in touch!! We are all in the boat!! ***baby dust***


sherry - November 19

MOLLY- i know losing a baby at any point, is the hardest thing, one could ever go through. i have 3 angels myself and can empathize. i have a daughter but it took 3 1/2 years of ttc, clomid, and iui to get that far, and i never expected a problem. dr.'s could find nothing wrong with me or my hubby, which is more frustrating then if there was a valid reason. you are 24, and iam not gonna say you are still young, and will have babies, cause it doesn't matter your age in ttc, we just all want our babies and now, not to be told we got plenty of time, but iam a firm believer in fate, and the baby you lost will be sent back to you, and i believe in the very near future. i happen to get premonitions of good fortune for others sometimes, but i draw a total blank when it comes to myself. every ttc board i have hung around on, has become the luckiest board ever, so even when i was pregnant, they'd beg me to stay and i did, and lots of BFP's were had, and still are goin, and since i have 1 miracle right now, though iam ttc, i would be very happy to see you, and alot of these other wonderful girls ttcing for their first, to get their blessing before my next. i'll stick around till everyone gets theirs, including you. i know month after month it's total devestation. i just started spotting today on cd 31, and i just knew it was a bust, but it's ok...i'll get there, you'll get there, we all will. stick around and keep your chin up. blessings will come your way soon! hugs, sherry



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