HELP! Sperm count is ZERO!
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izechsmama - April 10

Hey ladies.. for those of you who remember me... i'm back! for those of you who dont know me.. i have a 17 month old son, and my DH and I have been ttc since Nov when I had my IUD removed... hes been having testostorone issues for about a year now.. hes a low normal.. the Dr just ordered a sperm analysis since we havent gotten pregnant yet just to have more info.. and his count was at zero... thats devastating.. because i have no idea what that means for us... his exact words were that they think maybe its getting suppressed... does anyone have any advice...i dont know what to think right now... i'm completely in awe...


izechsmama - April 10

bump anyone?


tonyaandjoe - April 12

my cousin went to the gnc and got her husband some vitamins just for his sperm and they have 2 kids now.its something that enhances his sperm they should know what you are talking about.


RLR - April 14

I'm so sorry to hear that! I know my husband's cousin had some type of massage to increase his sperm production (I think). We thought it was a crock, but he said he had never produced that much ejaculate before. Sorry, there's no nice way to say that. Good luck!


whatisgoingon - April 15

Perhaps trying natural therapies, and perhaps accupuncture.


izechsmama - April 17

okay gals well the reason his sperm count is zero is because of the injections they give him... i wish it was that easy to just take vitamins but his body is not going to produce sperm on its own while on the injections and he'd have to be off them for 3 months for the fertility to come back and thats not a possibilty so they might put him on clomid... but no for sure things yet... this is devastating and i wish i knew someone out there who was having the same problems as me...



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