Help! Short Luteal Phase caused by Clomid??
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Mindy1 - February 2

This month was my 1st cycle on Clomid 50mgs 3-7, and I got my + OPK on CD16 (bc AF stopped on day 12) and on day 24(yesterday) I got my period again!!!!! My periods are normally irregular, but my luteal is less than 12 days.... I have heard about Progesterone helping, but I wanted to hear what you all have to say before I go analyzing myself haha... oh, I plan to call the doc in the morning, but I wanted to have some sort of relief in the meantime. Thanks ladies!!! :)


lovemy3 - February 2

hi there, I have had 3 kids naturally concieved quickly and always have had a 11 day luteal phase. Good luck.



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