Help pregnant with Low Progesterone!
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Shanon - May 14

Hi I am 4.5 weeks pregnant with IVF baby and its mey second pregnancy the first was hassle free with no problems . I have been spooting for 3 days then bleeding red blood for 2 days then lighten today . thinking I had miscarried I went to the clinic for bloods to read my HCG levels and Progesterone. Four days ago they were HCG 69 and progesterone 21 at 4.5 weeks and today 4 days later they are HCG 297 and progesterone 6.6 the nurse has pretty much said I will miscarry if I haven't already but Is there any hope has anyone had a successful pregnancy from these levels? I am taking progesterone supositiries but the nurse doesn't thin they will help but can't hurt. any help would be appreciated.


Tink - May 14

maybe try calling and see if they can give you extra progesterone on top of the suppositories- maybe try the PIO injections- some doctors think it is a better way to deliver the progesterone faster. it is a painful shot taken each night into the muscle (progesterone in oil), but maybe it is worth asking about? good luck to you


Shanon - May 14

thanks tink I am gonna give them a call today and see if i can do that. this is our last chance for a child together so I am praying with everything in me it works.


Shanon - May 16

just thought i would let you know all is ok so far today i had another blood test and the hcg is 555 and the progesterone is 33 so the nurse said to be causiously optimistic. i tell you I am elated forget the causion we will go for optomistic. I can't beleive it Im pregnant 5 weeks in fact


javidsgirl - May 16

shanon i started off with a progesterone level as low as yours when i found out i was pg as well as low hcg but i am now 27 weeks 3 days pg with a little girl so keep your chin i think everything will be just fine



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