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Noodle - February 26

Heya, this month has been my first using ovulation strips. Im not sure whats happening. I detected my LH surge, however, it was 2 days before my calendar due date for ovulation. Is that ok? also, i detected the surge for 2 days, and had sex both days, and also had sex the day after. Now is the day after detecting the surge for two days when i would be ovulating. because if it is, will the strips detect lh the day you ovulate or is it gone by then because your ovulating. Sorry this is a bit wierd but im so confused i could do with the help. We have been trying for 11 months now. i have polycyctic ovaries so i know it will take alot longer.


Noodle - February 26



Noodle - February 26



marymo - February 26

Hi Noodle. I am too doing the OPK, just did one this morning. How I take it is, you will see the one dark line and the other line will be as dark or darker. That is when you are ovulating. You may have these two dark lines two or even 3 days in a row. So, you said you and your significant other BDd on those two days, so I think your right on target, also by BDing the day after. Sperm can live for 72 hours, but your egg is only viable for 24 hours. Your suspose to use all 7 strips, so the next day when you do the test and dont see the dark line that means you have already ovulated. You want to hit it right on those surge lines, the dark lines. I hope that helps. Trust me, Ive taken TONS of OPKs in my day, ttc for 2 1/2 years, I could probably manufacture them!!!!(Ha).Good luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mommy2josh - February 26

Noodle, I do believe you ovulate 24-48 hours after you got your surge. So you getting a surge two days before you know to be usually ovulating is right on the money. Ofcourse, they also say that women who are polycyctic sometime get false positives on the OPK's. Did you ever try temping and when were you diagnosed. May I also ask how you were diagnosed, I mean did you have some testing done? I think I may have PCOS as well. I have been ttc #2 for 38-39 months now, Good luck.


Noodle - February 26

i was only told i had it in december. I was in absolute agony and the doctor thought i had an eptopic. i got sent for a scan and they told me i have pcos and im ovulating which is why it hurts so much. I dont know what you mean by temping? i suppose it would have helped uif i had known about the pcos before. Other symptoms i have is bleeding mid cycle, bloating around ovulation (look about 5 months pregnant - i wish!) i never saw 2 dark lines on my test strip well they were dark but they were ever so slightly lighter. and then i stopped getting two lines. Am i being too literal in the precision of the colour of the lines. i do think i ovulated because of the other thingsi got along with it, but im not sure what im doing all that much.


Noodle - February 27

am i doing it right then?


slowpoke01 - March 1

NOODLE-temping is where you take your basal body temp every morning. you have to use a basal body thermometer which usually you can get pretty cheap off ebay. you can chart your temps on fertility or and when you get 3 high temps above your cover line then it says that you ovulate. you can use this along with ovulation tests to determine exactly when you have ovulated. this helps cut down the confusion over whether or not you actually ovulated. i do temping and opk's as well and it helps to have all the info right there in front of you when you are trying to figure out whether or not you actually ovulated.also i have heard that women with pcos can eat a diabetic diet and it will help regulate their insulin. dont know how true it is but i thought you may look into it. good luck.



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