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nikki - July 2

ok my name is nikki and i have a question. Me and my boyfriend had been together for 3 months im 23 years old he is my first. Im trying to get pregnant but it's not working. Last night when i had sex i went to the bathroom and i was bleeding lightly. I had just got off my period a week ago. The next day i was not bleeding at all. what could that be? HELP :]


fifi - July 2

Are you made? You've only been with your partner for 3 months and your trying to get pregnant, dose you partner know your trying to have a baby. Or are you plaining on being a single parent and just using this man as a sperm doner? 3 months isn't very long to be in a relationship before trying for a baby. For some one who is 23yrs old your not very responsable. you should wait a little longer before having a baby.


Heather - July 2

I'm sorry Nikki, but I would have to agree with fifi. You should really think this through. Does your boyfriend know that you are trying to get pregnant? Have the two of you discussed marriage? If you feel that you are old enough to become a mother then don't you think that you are old enough to become a wife? I have been wanting to become a mom since I can remember. I'm 25 years old....BUT I’ve been married for 3 years and my husband and I were together for 6 years before we got married. He is my whole world, and I love him to pieces, we are now trying to conceive and even though I have wanted to be a mother pretty much all of my life, I can now say that I am truly ready...not to mention that this is a decision that my husband and I have made together………………
In regards to your question, there could be many reasons why you bleed after sex. Since you didn’t bleed the next day I wouldn’t worry too much, but if your really worried about it maybe you should make a Dr. appointment or talk to someone you trust.


Drew - July 2

I have to agree with the other girls. 3 months is not very long to be together before making this huge decision. It's great that you want to be a mom, but make sure that he's the one. Being that he is your first you have to realie that this may not be the fairy-tale happily ever after. Take time to get to know each other and enjoy each other, and make sure the two of you are right for each other. Don't worry, you have lots of time to become a mom. Good luck!! :)


JEN - July 2

to her defense it may not be the best decision but when my sister met my brother in law they decided to have a baby after only 3 months. That was 13 years ago and 2 babies later! they are the happiest couple ever, and i admire their relationship and parenting skills so much. so it can work!


Jenny - July 2

Also in defense, I met my hubby and 6 months later was pregnant, and got married when I was 6 weeks pregnant. we have 2 kids and have been married for 9 years.I was 19 when we met.we are trying for #3 now with no for the bleeding, I have no clue, make a doc appt. and good luck.


Austin - July 2

Could be cervical polyps....go to the doctor.

As for the other thing, do what seems right for you. Just be respnsible.


nikki - July 4

well to fifi im real responsable, me and him are talking about getting married and i trust him. he wants a baby and i do. He knows all about what im trying to do. And he supports, in what ever i do. As for the bleeding im making a doctors appt because im very worried. I really want a baby thats just how i feel right now


kc - July 5

They are wrong to state you are irresponsible, however, I do feel if a couple wants to start a family they should be married and have a stable home life for their children. Maybe I am old fashioned, but working with middle school kids I see most of the students who are involved in the wrong activities, hang with the wrong crowd, are made fun of in school are the ones who don't have parents that are married, are raised by single mothers and have step parents. There are couples that make it. My aunt and uncle met and got married in under 6 months and are still together after 32 years of marriage. However they did wait 2 years to make sure they had a stable home for their children. Please don't take this the wrong way, but if I were you I would wait to see if your relationship will last. I thought I found the love of my life when I was 19 with my first bf. I found out after 6 months of dating he was not the person I made him out to be. Please just becareful. And really think things through. I would try getting a puppy or a kitten if you have the maternal urge. Thats what my husband and I did before we started trying.


jossie - July 6

I don't agree with this wait till you're married stuff,don't get me wrong i am married very happily and have been for the past 6 years but it doesn't make me a better mother.It is a good idea however to make sure you can provide for a baby as they don't come cheap and also to make sure you can keep a roof over their head.As long as you and you're boyfriend are happy and know what you want then i say go for it and be happy.Good Luck!


Drew - July 6

I'm with Josie in the not having to be married dept. I too am married, but if you have been in a longstanding relationship, all the power to ya. And kc, step parents arnt a stable family? I'm sorry but my dh isn't my daughters biological father, but he's been there for 6 1/2 years of her 7 year life, and I think she's doing wonderfull. Her teacher said she was a delight to have in the class, the nicest most polite little girl she's had in a long time. Sometimes "step parents" are way better for a child then their biologial parent. That being said, I still feel that in Nikki's situation they should still get to know one another better, and make sure that this is the person they want to be with for the rest of their lives. In the end Nikki, I realize its your decision, but it's something to think about.


Nikki - July 7

Didnt you mention that he was your first? Maybe that has something to do with the spotting?



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