Help Please......
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Rose - May 13

I have a question, after sex no matter how long I lay there, whether it's 5 minutes or an hour when I get up the semen leaks out of me, ALOT. Is this normal and could this signal a problem. Been trying for 6 years now...


Melissa - May 13

Hi Rose. All that is leaking out is semen, not the sperm. this is normal. Have you seen your doctor?


rose - May 13

No, I am sorry it is both the semen and the sperm. My doctor was no help with this, he made it seem like it was normal, and becuase of the amount I know that it can't possibly be normal.


Melissa - May 13

Rose. The sperm is carried by the semen. It will leak out while the little sperm separate from the semen and venture on their journey inside you. This is perfectly normal. Sperm is so small you can only see it with a microscope.



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