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T - August 31

I'm ttc just like everyone else, I have irregular cycles they come when they want, and sometimes I have to take provera to get one, I took provera in June and July I had a period nothing in August, after my period in July, I had sex like crazy hoping to get pregnant, I have been sick and tired a lot these last few weeks, could it be??? Also what test can I take to keep track if I'm ovualating and how does it work, somebody please share your ideas with me!


D, - August 31

I say charting is your best bet. OPKs would be too expensive with irregular cycles. With charting you would be able to see when you do ovulate. Have they checked to see if you have PCOS? Do they give you any reasons as to why you aren't ovulating?


T - September 1

I'm not sure if I'm ovulating or not... I assume since my cycles aren't normal, but my doctor tells me everthing is OK I haven't ask him about PCOS, I'm just assuming the worse because I don't have a period, I have a 6 year old and my cycles were normal until I had him... weird huh!


D. - September 1

I think you need to get tough on your doc or find yourself a new one. Start by telling him you want to do a fertility workup. They'll run tests on specific days to make sure that there isn't anything to worry about. Here's some reading:-----
Those should get you started!



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