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gi23 - October 4

hi.. i got an HSG done on Sept 9, got AF on Sept 4th, i'm ususally about 29-30 days today is day 31 took a PG test on Sunday the 2nd and NEGATIVE.. do you think the HSG is throughing AF off?? ANy advise woudl be great!


sherry - October 4

it didn't throw my cycle off at all. sorry for the negative hpt. try again in a couple more days. it could posibly be too soon to tell, not everyone tests positive the day after a period should start. depends on implantation time, so don't lose hope! ((hugs)) sherry


gi23 - October 4

thanks.. i woudl think that it shoudl have shown already right.. but i guess your right.. dont' loose HOP!!!


M'Rita - October 4

Hi gi23,

I agree with Sherry, try again in a couple of days. My friend was pregnant and even had it confirmed with a doctore, but none of her HPT would turn positive. Let us know how u get on. Love xxx Rita


gi23 - October 4

THanks gusy.. i really hope a BFP comes up.. i have NO symptoms at all!!!



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