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sqeekers - March 7

I am new to the forums here, and would appreciate any help or advice you might have. We have been trying to get PG for almost 3 years. I have been on Clomid with no results. My doctor suggested we try to stop focusing so much on results and see what happens before we undergo any further fertility treatments. We have done that, and I have an appt. next month at the fertility clinic. I have very irregular cycles (usually only a few times a year) so it makes it very difficult to predict anything. I did however ovulate on february 22, and on march 3,4 noticed a small amount of pink and dark brown spotting. I had no cramps prior to this, no feelings of nausea or upset stomach, no headaches, basically nothing that normally accompanies AF. The spotting lasted just those 2 days, I tested this morning with an early pregnancy test, it was negative. My bbt has been slightly elevated, I am exhausted all the time, I have to go to the bathroom every 15 mins, my breasts are sore, I am now having mild cramping. All the timing and symptoms are here, but neg. test results. Am I testing too early?


Mega - March 7

If the spotting on 3/3, 3/4 was O spotting, you still may be testing a little early. I'd suggest waiting a few more days & then testing again. Also if AF still hasn't come, maybe make an appt. next week for a beta blood test (they pick up smaller amounts of Hcg than most HPTS). Good luck. I hope what you're experiencing are PG symptoms. Keep us posted!


Ann - March 7

squeekers, it could be a little too early. Most people get a positive result by 14dpo and you are 13dpo today, if I counted right. You can go to your dr to get a blood pregnancy test. They are much more accurate and sensitive. It would tell you for sure now, if you are preg.


sqeekers - March 7

Any suggestions on good HPT's? I had one of the First Response ones, but is there one that is more acurrate?


Mega - March 7

I usually use First Response too. I've heard they're typically more sensetitive than the rest but sometimes it takes a while (maybe even several days past AF's due date) to generate enough Hcg for any HPT to register positive. I'm still waiting for my BFP too though.



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