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UNA - March 16

took my first lot of clomid in feb 05 my period should have started 5 days ago but hasn't. haven't had any preg symptons no achey boobs or anything. The only thing that is different is that i keep feeling sick and I'm tired all the time. This is not normal. My period is usaly 21 days to the dot after my last day of bleeding. Don't want to do test as I don't want to see if it's neg has this happened to anybody else. Please help.


Una - March 17

Do the test! If you're really that regular, you've got a pretty good chance of being hapilly surprised. You said yourself- this is not normal. Just because your boos aren't achey doesn't mean you're not pg. SOme women have ALL the signs, some have just a few & some have none. The standard consesus is that most women don't feel "pg" until they are about 6 weeks. That is usually how long it takes for the HCG to build up in you system to the point that your body starts to recognize it & give you the signs. some women are more sensistive to HCG, some less. The only way to know is to test & the sooner you know, the sooner you can start your baby off to a healthy start with prenatal care that is necessary. Good Luck & Let me me know:)


Lynn - March 17

Sorry, Una, my name is Lynn!


jb - March 17

i think clomid makes u have 28 day cycles xx



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