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NC - October 19

Mega - Are you pregnant? I missed something I think in the postings. Kerri - I am now taking 2000mg a day of glucophage. My doctor did not prescribe generic version (he said he has had better luck with name brand), I 'll give him a cycle or two before moving to generic. Are you also taking yours through pregnancy? I have heard different things. I know it is a class B drug but my doctor flat out said through first trimester if I get pregnant on it. . jcr - I am actually feeling okay. I think my body has adjusted fairly well. I have only spent a couple of days in the bathroom (sorry TMI). Since my tube was removed on Spet. 24th, we are not allowed to try again until December. Thanks for asking.


Kerri - October 20

I'm planning on at least staying on it thru the first trimester---maybe even longer...I've heard of some women miscarrying within 2 weeks of stopping even if they were 17 weeks!!! That freaks me out....I never been pregnant before so I don't know. I'll go in one week from today for 8.5 week sono and see how things are going


KM - November 4

I was perscibed metformin by my fertility specialist. I followed the same plan as Mega 500 for one week, 1000 for another week and 1500 on the third week. After I was on it for a few weeks I realized I was pregnant and the day of conception was 5 days before I had even started metformin. It was very ironic because we'd been trying for 18 months and been through clomid twice. I stayed on metformin through the first trimester. I think I went down to 1000 milligrams because I felt nauseous at 1500. I lost weight through the 1st trimester and my OB said it was fine. I carried my baby to term and she is now 6 month old. We are getting ready to try for another soon. I'm 39 and I don't have that much time to waste. Anyway, I'm considering metformin again if my OB thinks it's a good idea. I thought some of you might like to hear that a pregnancy went well. My daughter is fine and healthy.


Kerri - November 5

Thanx KM for sharing your story---that's so encouraging and baby dust to you as you try for #2. I'm still on 1000mg and I'm at week 10 today. I'll go back week 13 to assess wheather to stay on it or come off


NC - November 5

I am on "name brand" 2x day at 1,000mg and no ill effects except losing some weight. I was put on it in October after an ectopic pregnancy and beginning either December or January to try again for #1. Hoping it works...I am 37 adn do not have time ot waste either. Good Luck to us all...



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