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drea - October 13

can anyone please tell me how many days/weeks they were on 500mg of metformin before moving up to 1500mg a day?


NC - October 13

I was told to take 500mg for 3 days, then move to 1000mg for 3 days and the 1500mg for 3 days and finally I am to stop at 2000mg a day until pregnant and through 1st trimester. That is what the fertility doctor I see at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital told me.


Kerri - October 14

I tapered up in weeks. 500mg for week one---1000mg for week two (then I got pregnant, so now I'm staying at 1000mg)


HotRodGurl - October 14

I started with one week of 500mg. then a week later 1000mg then two weeks later 1500mgs. and now I'm supossed to be taking 2500mg.s but, I can't handle the side effects...I didn't have much of side effects really bad until I started 1500mgs. ugh...made me pukey. oh well good luck with yours.


jcr - October 14

I was on 1000 it for about 2 weeks then moved up to 1500. I was told to take one with each meal and have had no side effects at all. Well not bad ones only good. I lost almost 20 lbs and my complexion has cleared up! I actually feel quite good on it. It has given me regular periods well some what-one every 30-38 days since
M/C in April. Goodluck.


NC - October 14

jcr - how long did it take you to loose 20 pounds? I would like to loose that in the next couple of months before we try again.


jcr - October 14

July was when I noticed I started losing weight much easier. I have also been doing alot more yoga went rom 2-3 times a month to 2x week. Helps so much mentally and physically. I was also told by RE that it takes at least 3 cycles before I would ovulate on it.


NC - October 14

jcr - thanks for the info. I m/c in July of 2004 and recently had an ectopic pregnancy(September 2005). Now we are getting back on track and waiting to get the okay to try this again. Switched doctors in the process and I was prescribed glucophage( name brand of metformin) in October. Hope to try this all again in Jan 2006.


HotRodGurl - October 15

OK, maybe it's just me but howcome it seems like people only thank those with good outcomes not those with bad outcomes...I too lost some weight on it too..I lost almost 10lbs in one week on it. But you don't see anyone "congrading" me do you? it must be nice to be the only person on metformin with bad side effects....maybe there isn't any hope for me. thanks but no thanx.=(


NC - October 15

HotRudGurl - What are you talking about? I did not understand your last post. Today I am moving onto 1500mg a day and I am kind of scared because 1000mg a day went okay. Keep your chin up.


jcr - October 15

Sorry if I offended you hotrodgurl! I am sure meds and dosage affect EVERYONE differently. Sorry you are having such a hard time with it. We are all having some kind or issue or another that is why we are posting here. I am fortunate with this med, but not so good with the others. I know NC is nervous about moving up and sometimes it is nice to hear a positive post about something you are nervous about??? I was only trying to be supportive of her. Sorry if for some reason I offended you in the process. NC hang in there and I hope you feel ok. Like I said, take it with food, I have heard especially protein helps and spread it out throughout the day. Goodluck and hang in there. HotRodGurl, again I am sorry if I offended you. Kerry are you staying on metformin throughout your pregnancy or just first trimester??


Kerri - October 16

jcr---I'm not sure how long I'm going to stay on it. I'm 7 weeks and I've seen and heard the tiny heartbeat so everything seems well, so I don't want to change anything. The RE had referred me on to my OB, and I'll see him in a 10days for 8.5 week sono. My OB doesn't know I'm on the Metformin yet. The RE said by law he had to recommed me to come off the Metformin b/c it's a Class B drug for pregnancy...meaning there is not enough research to conclude that Metformin does or does NOT affect the baby. Right now mine seems to be doing fine wiht the Metformin. The RE said he wouldn't be upset if I continued taking it....a few weeks ago before I started it, the RE told me that if I were his sister he'd have me continure with the Metformin at least thru 1st trimester.....but now since I really am pregnant he's changing his medical oppinion to cover his butt. So i'm staying on it at least thru 1st trimester. Can't really answer any beyond that yet


NC - October 16

jcr - I completely understand why we are all here. yesterday was 1st day taking 1500mg and spent a good amount of time in the bathroom. I must have really eaten something that did not agree with the meds. Today seems to be better. hotrodgurl - how long have you been on the drug? I read somewhere that people who have trouble with metformin have better luck with the time release kind. Can you ask your doctor about that? Kerry - my fetility doctor told me through the first trimester. I am going to ask about the class B information and see what he says. I do not however go back until Dec. My general ob had no clue about any of this. I am seeing a new one Nov. 1st so maybe he'll have information. Good luck to you.


jcr - October 19

NC how are you doing today? Are you still feeling yucky on the metformin? What day of your cycle are you on? Kerry how areyou feeling? Are you starting to get a bump yet? HotRodGirl are you still out there?? I am waiting to see if I ovulate this month, cd13. Last month I ovulated on day 25 with clomid. This month I am doing acupuncture and metformin so I am waiting!! baby dust


Mega - October 19

My dr also took me up in weekly increments. I took 500 mgs./day for 1 week, then moved up to 1000 mgs. a day for the following week. Finally, on the 3rd week & beyond I stayed on 1500 mgs. a day. I've been on that dose for a month &


Mega - October 19

Opps, I accidently hit submit before I was finished posting! Anyway, I've been on the 1500 mgs a day for a month & a 1/2 now. I'll be on it thru my first trimester, too.


NC - October 19

Mega - Are you pregnant? I missed something I think in the postings. Kerri - I am now taking 2000mg a day of glucophage. My doctor did not prescribe generic version (he said he has had better luck with name brand), I 'll give him a cycle or two before moving to generic. Are you also taking yours through pregnancy? I have heard different things. I know it is a class B drug but my doctor flat out said through first trimester if I get pregnant on it. . jcr - I am actually feeling okay. I think my body has adjusted fairly well. I have only spent a couple of days in the bathroom (sorry TMI). Since my tube was removed on Spet. 24th, we are not allowed to try again until December. Thanks for asking.



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