Help me understanding the purpose of Clomid
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pba74 - September 28

Hi ladies...I've posted on here numerous times and have found great support among this community. I am at a cross road and need help understanding clomid and what my next step might be. I've been ttc for 2 1/2 years. I've had a missed m/c and 2 chemical pregnancies. I switched to a RE (fertility specialist) in June of his year where he monitored me closely for 3 months and performed an HSG. My dh had an SA and all was great in that area. All tests have come back 'normal' and therefore he said my situation was 'unexplained.' He had mentioned (before he left fo 3 weeks vakay) that my next step would be clomid. I'm a bit frustrated b/c I thought clomid was for women who were not ovulating on their own. I ovulate like clockwork every month and my cycles are very regular. I don't want to take something that could mess up the way my body works if I really don't have to. I need to know from anyone who is willing to shed light on this for me. I know there are risks in taking clomid since the body releases more follies - such as multiples. What are my options? Is clomid the next step a woman takes when unexplained fertilty is her diagnosis?


babysearch - September 29

Hi pba74, your story is almost exactly like mine except I have been trying for 1 1/2 years. I took clomid for 3 months in Feb, March and April and then took a break and started on clomid again this month 100mg. I think clomid aids in ovulation but also it enables you release more eggs so that your chances of conceiving are higher. So is this going to be the first time you try the clomid? Anyway good luck with it all. I would however ask the doc what the clomid he is prescribing is for since you ovulate on your own. And the chances of getting multiples are very low. Most women on clomid conceive one child. Good luck


clindholm - September 29

I took clomid even though I was ovulating consistently. It believe it depends on the days that you take it what your result will be. Certain days= more mature follicles, etc. Good luck! Try posting on the Twins and Multiples board, they know alot about clomid.


pba74 - September 29

Thanks ladies....this helps. I will go back to the RE in November. Right now DH is traveling a lot and usually around my 'window of opportunity.' At least in Sept ( he was) and Oct he will be. I did try posting on the Twins/Multiple page but many women on there are taking it to conceive multiples...which kinda scared me a bit. Not that I wouldn't welcome more than one baby - but I want what would be best for my body and child. Hope that makes sense. Thanks again...


K - October 1

I had regular cycles too, but they were usually 26 or 27 days. When I wasn't getting pg, I was put on Clomid for the purpose of making my cycles a couple of days longer and for helping the eggs/follicles to mature better/longer before I ovulated. Clomid made my cycle 29 days. I was on Clomid 3 months, but I did not get pg, so I was switched to Femara. You don't want to be on Clomid for more than about 3 months without taking a break because it can thin your uterine lining and then when you get pg, it will really increase your chance of m/c due to the lining issue. Femara does the same thing as Clomid, but it doesn't thin the lining and does not have as many side effects. I did get pg my 2nd or 3rd month of Femara and have a dd. Femara and Clomid do not increase the chance of multiples very much. It is only a 10% increased chance for twins and pretty much zero for anything more than that. Pretty much the most you can get is 2 follicle/eggs maturing instead of one per month. They not like the other fertility drugs that can really up your chances of twins or higher multiples. When you say everything was checked because of your history, does that include your progesterone level? I have heard of people with your history of m/c and chemical pregnancies having a low progesterone level. It happened to a friend of mine. Once they figured it out they put her on progesterone supplements while she was trying to get pg to help her get a good pregnancy and kept her on for the 1st trimester and it worked for her. Hope this helps. Good luck!


Chimerasai - October 4

I am super regular (30 day cycles) and ovulate on my own. i was diagnosed with unexplained fertility and my RE put me on clomid. she said that it would help ensure that I ovulate mature eggs and helps me ovulate from both ovaries so it increases the chances for conception. I am on my second round and do my 3rd iui tomorrow.


pba74 - October 4

Chimerasai - did you RE tell you that it is better to do clomid AND IUI instead of clomid by itself?


MaryElizabeth - October 5

I have been TTC for a year and was just put on Clomid as well, actually I'm supposed to start taking it today! I have pretty regular cycles and I thought it was strange that they prescribed it to me until I asked my dr about it. They say that clomid helps to promote healthier eggs. So, even if you do ovulate you eggs might not really be viable. Clomid kicks them into gear and makes sure that they are mature and ready to be fertilized.


Chimerasai - October 5

we have several factors that made IUI the right option for us. I have medical disporder and we need to get pregnant ASAP so I am not off of my meds for an extended period of time (we tried to do it while i was taking them, but we suspect it was hurting our chances). IUI gives us our best chance. my husband also struggles with delayed ejaculation which makes BD harder for conception.....i am sure there are lots of reasons to do clomid + IUI, but that is why we do it.



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