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Latavianda - January 31

am currently 9 weeks pregnant. over the course of 2 years i had 11 abortions, and i really didn't want to have those babies, but now i want to keep this one, but it hink i might lose it. i have been bleeding, and cramoping and i think it m going to miscarry. wha does that feel like? can anyone offer me advice. did the abortions have anything to do with this? i hope it's ok to ask this question here i really need help and i don't know where to go.


Latavianda - January 31

I lost my baby.


katy - January 31

i am sorry for your lose. You need to see a doctor.


Anonymous - January 31

Although I am sorry for your loss and as I have even had an abortion 18 years ago, don't you think 11 is a little excessive????? In two years? Have you ever heard of the pill?



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